Pink pest

first_imgBy Dan HortonUniversity of GeorgiaPink hibiscus mealybugs were recently found north of Atlanta in suburban Forsyth County, experts with University of Georgia Cooperative Extension report. The newcomer to the state is a very destructive insect pest of hibiscus and 300 other plants.The discovery was the result of an alert home gardener who was curious about a difficult to control mealybug infestation. The insects were feeding on a tropical hibiscus in her landscape. She brought a sample to her UGA Extension agent who shared her suspicion that the culprit might be pink hibiscus mealybugs.Identified and verifiedElectronic images were relayed to the UGA Homeowner IPM Insect Diagnostic Clinic in Griffin, Ga. where a technician confirmed the identification. University of Florida entomologists, who have worked extensively with this pest, also quickly confirmed the specimens were indeed the pink hibiscus mealybug.Pink hibiscus mealybug is native to Southeast Asia but is now well established in Florida, Louisiana and Texas. The pest likely came to north Georgia as a very low-level infestation on tropical hibiscus from south Florida. Pink and destructivePink hibiscus mealybugs look similar to other Georgia mealybugs, but are pinkish in color. Thus, their name. The insect has relatively little of the white wax that adorns the bodies of most mealybugs. Initially, pink hibiscus mealybug injury may be hard to see, but they can reproduce rapidly with five to six generations a year in north Georgia. As populations grow, injury becomes strikingly evident. Infested plants are severely stunted and malformed, as if treated with an herbicide. The disfigured foliage is often covered with sticky liquid waste from the mealybug feeding. This also supports growth of a black sooty mold fungus.Infestations will often be noticeable from afar due to the numerous snow white egg sacs which look much like clusters of small Q-tips on plant stems and foliage.Could harm peanuts and cottonThe pest may not survive north Georgia winters. Pink hibiscus mealybug is a truly nasty pest — one that gardeners, landscape professionals and nurseries hope can be eradicated from Georgia. “We can’t afford to have this imported pest damaging two of our major crops, peanuts and cotton; nor can we afford the potential losses to our horticulture industry as well as the damage it can inflict in home gardens,” said Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin. “We must all work to keep this pest from becoming established in Georgia.” What to do if you find themIf homeowners find mealybugs in their landscape, they should contact their local UGA Extension office. Nursery owners should contact the Georgia Department of Agriculture Plant Protection Office at (800) 282-5852.A sample, including the white egg sacks and small pink mealybugs, should be cut from the infested plant. Immature mealybugs move on wind currents so it is important to place samples in sealed plastic bags. For this reason, samples should not be transported in the back of open trucks.Plant destruction and replacement is often the best approach to take when controlling pink hibiscus mealybugs in home landscapes. Cut and double-bag infested plants or, where feasible, burn infested plant materials.last_img read more

Take charge of making sure your Bar address is correct

first_img Take charge of making sure your Bar address is correct Take charge of making sure your Bar address is correct It is now easier for Florida Bar members to update their address information in the official Bar records thanks to a recent improvement in the Bar’s Web site.Not only can members now “proof” their data, but also control what is “on file” with the Bar.Members need only to log on to Once there, click on “Member Services” in the blue field to the left and a link to a “Membership Records Change of Address Form” will appear on the screen. Lawyers may then key in their own address changes, which will be sent directly into the membership records database.“This new system will relieve the staff in the Membership Records Department from having to manually type in members’ addresses,” said Membership Records Supervisor Willie Mae Shepherd.Before address changes can be made, however, lawyers will first have to provide their Bar number, date of birth, and the year they became a Bar member. This information is needed to register on the Bar’s storefront, is a security feature, and only has to be done once. Registered members will come back and put in their username (which is their Bar number) and whatever password they have selected, and then make the necessary updates. Only members who register on-line can update their own data.center_img August 15, 2003 Regular Newslast_img read more

Double-header to bounce off 3rd Rock basketball tourney tomorrow

first_imgKWAKWANI will return to competitive basketball on Saturday when they face fourth seed Amelia’s Ward Jets and third-ranked Victory Valley Royals take on the challenge of fifth-rated Block 22 Flames. The opening games of this year’s 3rd Rock Entertainment Open basketball championship, sanctioned by the Linden Amateur Basketball Association (LABA), bounces off at the Mackenzie Sports Club hard court.Tomorrow afternoon at16:00hrs the tournament outline will be given when the tournament is launched at the Linden Enterprise Network (LEN) building on Republic Avenue, with the organisers along with representatives from the LABA.The first game of this tournament, which has at stake $100 000 for the champions, on Saturday, is between Flames and Royals at 19:00hrs. The second at 21:00hrs pits Kwakwani against the Jets.The clubs have been invited to send their representatives and three players in uniform to this launching and they are reminded that they must complete the registration of their players with the association. The second day will see another double-header on Sunday at the same venue.According to LABA the clubs were seeded and Raiders are the number one seeds, followed by Half Mile Bulls, Royals, Jets, Block 22 Flames and Bankers Trust Falcons with Kwakwani being the outsider-side.In Group A are Kwakwani, Falcons and Jets who are battling for the lone semifinal slot where they will face top-ranked Raiders, who gained a bye to the final four. In the Group B are Royals, Bulls and Flames where two of these three clubs will advance to the final four.The tournament, after this weekend, continues next Saturday with the final set of preliminary matches, before the semifinals are played next Sunday and the final the following Saturday, August 20.last_img read more

Public Health Confirms Second COVID Related Death in Thurston County

first_imgFacebook161Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Thurston County Public Health and Social ServicesThurston County Public Health and Social Services (PHSS) has confirmed the second death of a Thurston County resident, due to complications related to COVID-19. The hospitalized patient was a male in his 80’s, with underlying conditions. He was a resident at Olympics West Retirement Inn in Tumwater, the site of Thurston County’s first long-term care facility outbreak.“We want to offer our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends who knew him,” said Thurston County Health Officer, Dr. Diana Yu. “This death reminds us that we must remain diligent in our efforts to protect one another from this virus. We must continue to social distance, to wear masks whenever we cannot social distance, and to stay home when we are ill. Washing our hands regularly also remains an important preventive measure.”Thurston County Public Health and Social Services continues to investigate the recent long-term care facility outbreak at Olympics West Retirement Inn in Tumwater and associated outbreak at an adult family home in Lacey. Further testing of staff and residents at Olympics West Retirement Inn is scheduled for Monday, June 8.As of Sunday, June 7, there have been 170 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Thurston County. Of those cases, 24 have been hospitalized at some point during their illness, 130 have recovered (been released from public health isolation), and two people have died.For information and resources on COVID-19 in Thurston County, visit the Thurston County PHSS Coronavirus webpage at, or follow the Thurston County Public Health Facebook or Twitter pages (@ThurstonHealth).People with any symptoms of COVID-19, such as a fever, cough, trouble breathing, headache, body aches, chills, sore throat, new loss of taste/smell, fatigue, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, and congestion/runny nose, should isolate themselves from others and seek testing immediately through their healthcare provider. Testing is also available through a Providence drive-through testing site in Hawks Prairie. More information on drive-through testing and operation hours are available through Providence St. Peter’s call line at: 360-486-6800.last_img read more