Steve Ballmer replaces Don Mattrick as Xbox One chief

first_imgYesterday it was rumored and then confirmed that Microsoft’s Xbox One chief Don Mattrick had decided to leave the company to become CEO of Zynga.Many gamers angry about the limitations imposed by the Xbox One, which Microsoft later backtracked on and removed, will hold Mattrick to blame. With him now gone, what Microsoft needs is a replacement chief who knows games well and at least has the respect of gamers from their past achievements. Without that, the Xbox One could continue to lose ground to the PS4.Whether Microsoft realizes that or not, it seems they aren’t in any rush to hire someone new or promote an existing Xbox team member. In fact, Don Mattrick is being replaced, but not by a games person. Instead, Steve Ballmer will be taking on his role and handling all communication with the rest of the Xbox management team.Ballmer’s self appointment was revealed in an email he sent to Microsoft staff yesterday detailing Mattrick’s decision to leave the company. The key sentence reads:“Don’s directs will report to me and will continue to drive the day-to-day business as a team, particularly focused on shipping Xbox One this holiday.”Steve Ballmer is CEO of Microsoft and in no way a video games person. He’s also not well liked among the public in general, and therefore really not a great person to have fronting the launch of the Xbox One. He’s the guy Microsoft wants talking to business leaders, not standing in front of a camera convincing gamers to pre-order an Xbox One.There’s every chance this is a temporary solution until Microsoft completes its wider management restructuring. But that really needs to happen fast. The Xbox One launches in four months, and they need a new Xbox chief in place with at least two of those months still remaining in my opinion, sooner if possible. [Image credit: jdlasica]last_img read more