Residents decry the deplorable state of Parfaite Harmonie Access Road

first_imgCommuters and frustrated residents are hoping that a long overdue promise to fix the main access road into La Parfaite Harmonie Housing Scheme, West Bank Demerara, is fulfilled before something detrimental occurs.The main access road in Parfaite Harmonie Housing Scheme West Bank DemeraraResidents of the area say this has been an issue for the past several months, and they are growing impatient with the promises made by Government officials. They note that, since the beginning of last year, the main road leading into the scheme had deteriorated to such a state that transportation providers are greatly discouraged from plying the route.The deplorable condition of the road even discourages vehicle owners from travelling, because of the damages their vehicles are likely to incur.One resident explained that because vehicles are reluctant to traverse the pothole-riddled strip, her children are often forced to walk a longer distance to get transportation to go to school.Another resident told this newscast that the situation can be very dangerous for persons who are forced to walk in the community after dark.The residents are urging that the relevant authorities heed their cries and bring some relief to their community.When <> visited the road recently, several potholes ranging in size and depth were observed. Water was also accumulating on certain sections of the shoulder of the road.Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson has said Government is addressing the issue, and has pointed out that “contracts are out for (its) repair and maintenance.”Communities Minister Valarie Adams-Yearwood had earlier this year promised that the roads in the area would be upgraded. “We are doing road upgrades at Parfaite Harmonie and Westminster, and those works will commence in about two weeks; and through the reformulated [Inter-Development Bank] IDB loan in 2018, we are going to spend over $500 million to do upgrade works in Parfaite,” this minister had said.“I know they (residents) have been complaining about the state of the roads. We are paying attention, and we are listening to people; and while we can’t deal with everything immediately, we are paying attention to the ones that are more critical,” she added.The 3.5 kilometre access road was built by contractors BK International and Guyco at a cost exceeding $604 million back in 2016. It was designed to accommodate two lanes of traffic, and is linked to La Parfaite Harmonie Housing Scheme by way of a heavy-duty bridge, which in turn inter-connects with the existing north-to-south access to La Parfaite Harmonie from the Canal No.1 road.last_img read more