first_imgShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, THE MOST COMPASSIONATE, THE MOST MERCIFULAll praise belongs to Allah; and may His peace and blessings be upon His Prophet, his household, his companions and all those who rightly follow their foot-steps. Ameen!In continuation of our discourse whether or not ebola is a curse or trial and our determination to first address ourselves to what constitutes “curse”; we shall, by Allah’s will, attempt to focus on the worse of all curse. Of course, Al-Qur’an-the Holy Scripture of Al-Islam gives several causes that can provoke curse. Worse among them is the tempering with Divine Revelation. Tempering with the Words of Allah includes, but not limited to concealing (failing and/or refusing to state or pronounce with particularity), misquoting or misinterpret its actual meaning or revealed purpose. Tempering with the Words of Allah in any form or manner has the tendency to mislead, misdirect and misguide thousands of people and cause them to fall prey to Divine curse. For example, Al-Qur’an-the Holy Scripture of Al-Islam makes emphatically clear thus:“Those who conceal anything of the clear teachings and true guidance which We (Allah-the Majestic) have sent down even through We (Allah) have made them clear in Our (Allah-the Almighty’s) Book, Allah curses such people and so do all who curse; those who repent and make amends and openly declare (what they had concealed), such shall We (Allah-the Most High) pardon for We are Much-Relenting, Most Compassionate. As for those who disbelieved and died and died disbelieving, surely the curse of Allah and of the angels and all persons is on them. Thus shall they abide and their chastisement shall not be lightened, nor shall they be given respite” (2:159-161.The just quoted verses address three categories of people. The first verse talks about those who have acquired certain religious knowledge but for selfish reason decided to hide what they have learnt. The second are people who initiated such spiritual misbehavior patterns, but later on cam to themselves, amended their attitudes and repented. And the third are those who totally failed or refused to make a stop and reflect over the past. There and then continuously engaged themselves in such wrong doings until death do them part. These three categories are, by and large, people who have acquired certain religious knowledge. The first and third categories are those who are doomed to moral degradation and spiritual perdition.   As Al-Qur’an is all-comprehensive and all-pervasive in all aspects of its teachings, did not stop to the three categories outlined above. Rather, it goes further to elaborate on the other side of the coin.  In doing so, the Scripture says: “And among them are also the unlettered folk who do not know about the Scriptures but cherish baseless wishes and merely follow their conjectures. Then, woe unto those who write out of the Scriptures with their own hands and then in order to make a trifling gain claim: ‘Thus is from Allah.’ Woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for what they thus earn” (2: 78-79)Al-Qur’an is replete with several other Scriptural provisions pin-pointing at these kinds of theologians who cause a community or nation to fall prey to the Divine curse. However, time will not permit us detail all. Notwithstanding, we believe that what have enlisted here is enough to let us know that the attitude of misguided theologians plays pivotal roles in falling upon nations and peoples the curse of Allah, as well as the curse of the angels, human-kind and all other created beings. Indeed, it is no exaggeration that a critical conduct of survey in our social religious arena will certainly reveal the prevalence of these categories of people in the midst of our people. Hence, nothing behooves us but to be at watch-out of such character in order to avoid dragging us into self humiliation, degradation and destruction. This can be done through analytical scrutiny and objective alliance.The fact remains is that holders of the Divine Message can now be found in all religious groupings the adherents of the Torah, the Psalms (Zabu’r), the Injil (Gospel) and AlFurq’an (Al-Qur’an). The quoted verses also elucidate that the biggest felonious criminals are scholars who entertain the audacity of hiding the teachings contained in the Book of Allah. For such hiding has the tendency of limiting the delivery of the valuable Message either to the self or a certain class of people, instead of spreading it to the generality of humankind. In many, if not in all cases of withholding such Message, is designed to gain a price that is not only miserable but also despicable, nefarious and diabolical. Furthermore, such withholding has the tendency of corrupting the society and depriving humanity from appreciating the Message of Allah including its Moral Code of Decorum.Allah is the Creator, Cherisher, Sustainer of the universe and all within its realm. The Holy Scripture therefore makes it crystal and clear that none of the creature within this universe that was created aimlessly or purposelessly. These aims and objectives are clearly spelled-out in Allah’s Divine Scripture; their acceptance and adherence makes human valuable beings, something all aspire. One of the imperative rationales behind mandating scholars to deliver the Divine Message at all times, all areas and all causes, is that there would be among the listeners who will better understand the spiritual pros and cons of such message and make good use of same than the one who is engage in delivering it. No doubt, to filter such Message through selected members of one owns society to the exclusion of others is indeed act of naivety, malicious and mischievous. Of course, the prevalence of such misguided religious scholars, does not only demoralize the society, but also dump it into social chaos and carnage. To avoid the society falling prey to social tumult and destruction, Al-Islam enjoins every Muslim-male and female-old and young to seek for knowledge; and to do so from the cradle to the grave. The fact remains is that there can in no way be a comparison between the knowledgeable and unknowledgeable. For, the former are well prepared to: “apply their minds and the ears of their hearts to the acquisition of learning and by consequence well-informed…”; “who exercise thei intellect (and) who lift to Allah their inward sight” (39:9). last_img read more