Drink: Browns

first_imgBrowns 5 – 11 Woodstock Road 01865 319655 The bar in Browns may not immediately leap to mind as the ideal student hangout – a tad pricey and a bit on the posh side – but if you’re after a fancy night out it’s definitely a place to consider. The first thing to note about the Browns Bar is that it doesn’t offer draft beer. But if that’s what you’re after it’s most likely you’ll while away the drinking hours in your college bar or in one of the many pubs on offer. If you go to Browns you’ll be going for the cocktails. They extended their cocktail menu at the beginning of the year and now offer a good selection in addition to many of the old favorites. The classic Long Island Ice Tea is particularly refreshing at Browns, but nothing you can’t get elsewhere. Their Bloody Mary is very well made and the barmen will ask you how spicy you want it and make it accordingly. In fact, the staff are particularly attentive as bar staff go, and try to personalise your drink no matter how busy they are. Easily the best drink on offer is the Raspberry Cosmopolitan, a sexy, yummy twist on the classic with a fruity kick. With summer almost upon us Browns has a great selection of fruity drinks: Tropical Caipirinha, Melon Bug and Michael’s Prayer. The bar area is crowded on Friday and Saturday nights, but being attached to the restaurant does give it a greater depth of atmosphere than most bars. It isn’t as raucous as Maxwell’s and it’s actually a touch cheaper than Old Orleans, and does offer 50ml shots as standard in every drink. One last reason to go: on May Day they open at 6am to serve Champagne breakfasts. So, after you’ve taken your annual jump off Magdalen Bridge, squeeze the river water out of your t-shirts and join your friends for a treat in a martini glass. It’s an excellent prelude to the hedonism of Finals celebrations.ARCHIVE: 0th week TT 2004last_img

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