first_imgIS IT TRUE  if the City of Evansville’s books and records are so clean according to the Mayor and his City Controller why does it take one year and two months for the people to really know the findings of the State Board of Accounts audit of the City of Evansville?IS IT TRUE last week Federal IRS agents were at the Civic Center for a couple of days looking at 1099 and W-9 tax forms? …our Civic Center “Moles” tell us that the Federal IRS agents are looking at these forms in an extremely organized manner?  …the Federal IRS agents visit was unscheduled?  …. that IRS Form W-9 (Rev. December 2014) Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification?IS IT TRUE we heard that an official from the Winnecke administration asked some of his State and Federal political buddies to find out why the Special Agents of the Division of the Office of the Special Inspector General For The Troubled Asset Relief Program are doing an investigations of the spending of TARP Funds in Evansville?IS IT TRUE we are hearing that officials from the Division of the Office of the Special Inspector General For The Troubled Asset Relief Program are planning to revisit Evansville at the end of this month?IS IT TRUE that the past Evansville DMD Director  bragged that he was well-connected with City and State officials in Indianapolis? …we wonder if he knows Reggie Walton, the DMD  official who is sentenced to nine years in prison for his alleged  felonious acts as Director of the Capitol City’s Land Bank?IS IT TRUE investigators of the not-for-profit Evansville Brownfields  Corp will be meeting again with present and former city officials near the end of this month? .. .we understand from a very good source that most of the current officials are using the services of a city paid attorney to protect their interests?  …we have heard that John Friend, Al Lindsey, Dr. Dan Adams and Connie Robinson have not engaged in hiring  legal counsel,?  … they must feel fine about answering questions from investigators without assistance from city paid legal counsel because they have nothing to hide?IS IT TRUE that we have been impressed with the changes we have seen in the Evansville Courier and Press under it’s newest ownership?  … the  new Courier and Press  are reporting news that is less than flattering to the Winnecke administration and City Council ?IS IT TRUE we would like to see Brad Byrd do the same kind of interview with Jonathon Weaver that he did with Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley and John Friend CPA when they faced allegations of improper behavior?…We believe that the allegations made by the Courier and Press Editor Tim Elhridge concerning Weaver are as serious as the ones they faced,?  …Missy Mosby stated at last Monday night City Council meeting that that Mr. Elthridge comments about Mr. Weaver were slanderous?  … by Mr. Weaver appearing on the Bryd Byrd show he will  be able to defend the allegations leveled against him by the Courier and Press Editor are incorrect?IS IT TRUE the way  to  be able to speak at City Council meetings is to ask the City Clerk  to put you down as an “agenda item” ? …if someone is officially on the agenda, there are no restrictions on how much time may be utilized to address the Council, Commission, or Board?   …the Chair of the meeting can decide and govern the speaking time, but in reality there are no legal restrictions on someone addressing the Council, Commission, or Board?IS IT TRUE  the City Council unanimously agreed that Evansville Brownfields would hold the lease on the downtown hotel?…We wonder about the wisdom of this decision, and wonder why using the non-profit as a “pass through” will serve the cause of transparency?IS IT TRUE that CCO is doing in-depth research on some questions raised by our posters over the last few days, and will be publishing our findings in the coming days?… That some of these questions are leading us down potentially enlightening paths concerning some new public officials and their questionable connections and claims?IS IT TRUE  we are asking our readers to “like page and share”  on Facebook and encourage friends and family to do so, as well?Todays “Readers Poll” question is: DO YOU FEEL THAT GEORGE LUMLEY REQUESTS FOR PAST BROWNFIELD CORP. AUDITS SHOULD HAD BEEN DENIED?Copyright 2015 City County Observer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributedFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

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