Safe Walks with Your Toddler in the Hot Period

first_imgSummer is a great time when you do not need to think about clothes for your toddler, just put on a light bodysuit or sandbox, sandals, Panama hat, and go for a walk. In good weather, you can walk not the proper two hours, but much more. But here lies the main danger of this because heat can be dangerous even for adults, needless to say, kids. In a too hot climate, which is observed in some states from June to August, the best time to walk with a child in the summer is mornings and evenings. It is better not to be on the street between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. when the sun is very active and aggressive.You should buy several sets of clothes for toddler boys and girls in The Trendy Toddlers shop in order to change them when necessary and have a possibility to go out every day. Choose light colors and natural materials so that your little one would feel comfortable.If you are still planning a walk for this period, be sure to hide in the shade, because in the open sun, there is too much risk of heatstroke. Don’t forget:a bottle of water;spare clothes;sunscreen;favorite toys.If the playground or park is located in the shade, walk as much as you want but be sure to follow the drinking regime, pay attention to the behavior of the baby.Several Main RulesRemember that neither a cap nor a Panama hat can save under the scorching rays of the sun. So, if your kid’s schedule allows, go for a walk in the morning, when it is pleasantly cool outside, and in the evening when the heat has subsided, you can enjoy the warm air.How to dress a toddler in the heat is another important question that every mother needs to learn. Particularly vulnerable is the body of infants, children under six months, whose heat exchange has not yet been established, so overheating is more detrimental to them than hypothermia. At the same time, older kids should also be constantly covered from the direct sun rays. If you want to use sunscreen, choose only those certified for children.If you are afraid that the toddler will be cold, choose a sleeveless bodysuit and pants, or a sandbox. The main rule is that all clothing should be made of natural fabrics. Even 5% of synthetics in the fabric will create a greenhouse effect, which will significantly worsen the well-being of the baby.For active children who are running and playing with others all the time, you can choose a T-shirt and shorts, or a sundress. Carefully inspect the fabric, it is important that it is not dense. The dense cotton does not allow air, so under it, the skin sweats a lot, the child loses a lot of water. If you choose knitted clothes, the fabric should be very thin. It is not necessary to dress the kid in sleeveless T-shirts, on thin straps – the gentle skin on the shoulders burns very quickly.last_img

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