Rovinj Hospital, Veneto Orientale Health Region and Italian Villa Salus Hospital establish International Medical Tourism Cluster

first_imgHospital for Orthopedics and Rehabilitation “Prim. Dr. Martin Horvat ”in Rovinj and the Health Region“ Veneto Orientale ”based in San Dona di Piave and the Italian Hospital“ Villa Salus ”based in Mestre Venice and the Hospital in Jesolo will soon work closely together through the International Cluster of Medical Tourism.Namely, as part of the cross-border Croatian-Italian health cooperation with reputable Italian health institutions, a Protocol on the agreement for defining health, administrative and health care programs was signed in order to perform rehabilitation activities of high specialization. To this end, the signatories of the agreement undertook to propose and develop a common model of “Medical Tourism Cluster” and activate as potential beneficiaries of European structural and investment funds (CEE funds, ie the Cross-border Cooperation Program Italy – Croatia) for the period 2014-2020. , the primary objectives will be the continuous education and training of health professionals and physicians of the three hospital structures as well as the development of joint processes in the provision of cross-border health care according to the model of cooperation between Member States and regions.The agreement also envisages the development of diagnostic activities and the establishment of diagnostic frameworks for rehabilitation in the E-Health regime, with the application of telemedicine systems, digitization of hospital records and administrative flows as well as specialist health care activities of the second opinion. Thanks to the possible access to EU funds, but also defining the training of health and other staff involved in providing services in hospital structures, not only for specialist rehabilitation activities but also for the sector of providing health care to patients or tourists in the emergency department, as well as proposal and implementation joint international research and development projects for the introduction of new treatments and the development of new technologies in a specific sector of rehabilitation, such as neuroscience and robotics “points out Rade, director of the Hospital for Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Prim. Dr. Martin Horvat ”. Hospital for Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Prim. Dr. Martin Horvat is located on the west coast of Istria, in the town of Rovinj. It is one of the older orthopedic rehabilitation institutions, and was built in 1888. It has a specially prepared beach that can be used by all disabled people, regardless of the severity of the disability, several sports fields as well as a covered swimming pool with warm sea water, all prepared for disabled people.last_img

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