Ilok: DunavArt Festival

first_imgThe Danube, the lifeblood of Europe. It flows and connects at 2.888 kilometers of its length from the source in the Black Forest in Germany all the way to the mouth of the Black Sea. The Danube is the second longest and richest river in Europe after the Volga and passes through as many as 10 countries on its way to the mouth. Tens of millions of people live on its shores, it connects different peoples, religions and cultures. Throughout history, but also today, the Danube is an important international waterway, and these voyages have often been sung and are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The most celebrated musical work inspired by this ancient northeastern border of the ancient Roman state is certainly the waltz of Johann Strauss Jr., “On the beautiful blue Danube.”The Danube is an economic, cultural and tourist fabric that connects the countries of the Danube region into one harmonious whole, and this is also the unique message promoted by the Danube Art Festival.Namely, the Danube Art Festival under the motto “flows and connects” strives to brand the Croatian Danube region as a unique tourist, cultural, but also wine and gourmet destination. The festival promotes the values ​​of cultural heritage, musical creativity and the wine and gourmet riches of the Croatian Danube region. DunavArt Festival intends to connect attractive locations into a unique artistic experience and bring them closer to the Croatian public in an interesting and fun way. The festival was launched last year on the initiative of Miran Hadži – Veljković and Zlatko Petrović – Paja, better known as the Kings of the Street and as the organizers of Cesti is d ‘Best, an international street festival in Zagreb.This year’s edition of the Festival includes programs in Erdut and Vukovar, on June 22nd and 23rd, and in Baranja’s Batina in the period from June 29th and 30th, and for the first time this festival of music, oenology and gastronomy is held in Ilok.«It was logical for Ilok to join Erdut, Vukovar and Batina in marking this Festival. This is an extremely important event for Ilok because between two local events, Vinkovo ​​and Ilok grape harvest, this continues the continuity of the promotion of Ilok in the country, but also in the world. We are expecting a large number of guests for a number of events we are planning for that weekend”, Said the Mayor of the City of Ilok, Marina Budimir.The Ilok part of the program will be held on June 29 and 30, and everyone who is in Ilok during that period will be able to enjoy top music and a rich original wine and gourmet offer.In the medieval core of Ilok, the atrium of Odescalchi Castle, visitors will be able to listen to an excellent concert by the famous Novi Sad band The Frajle on June 29, while the next day the audience will be entertained by the Zagreb jazz band Scharf Club Swing Quintet. The “quintet” is composed of violinist Miljenko Pulić, pianist Antun Reljić, double bassist Nenad Vrandečić and Bulgarian and guitar player Ranko Purić. From the rich art program, the reading of poetry on the topic of the Danube on Friday stands out, as well as the screening of the film “Golden Fleece, Argonauts from the Pond” on Saturday.In the eno-gourmet part of the program, visitors will be able to join the presentation of Wine from the Danube and the Danube Table. Also, in addition to the chicory race, the International Danube Day in Ilok is celebrated on June 30, while in the grand finale of the Festival, visitors can expect the “First International Wine Judging of the Danube Countries”.«So far, we have collected 97 wine samples, and on June 30, we plan to award prizes to the best in its category. In this way, Ilok will become an attractive destination in eastern Croatia that has a lot to offer. We expect guests from neighboring Vojvodina and the entire eastern part of Croatia, but also beyond. Preparations are underway and I am pleased that the Ilok cellars and all our restaurants with their delicacies and river fish specialties have joined the wine cluster. In addition to a rich gastronomic and oenological offer, this is an opportunity to present our cultural and historical heritage”, Concluded Budimir.The City of Ilok, the Tourist Board of the City of Ilok and the Museum of the City of Ilok are participating in the realization of this year’s edition of the DunavArt Festival in Ilok, as well as sponsors: Ilok Cellars, Hotel Dunav-Ilok, Villa Iva-Ilok, Hrvatske vode and Wine Cluster Srijem.The DunavArt Festival project is being implemented with the financial support of the EU Interreg cross-border cooperation program between Croatia and Serbia 2014-2020. as part of the Central Danube Tour project. The project holder is the Regional Development Agency of Slavonia and Baranja, while the City of Ilok and Osijek-Baranja County appear as partners on the Croatian side.See more about the project and program herelast_img

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