Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, April 10

first_imgSt. Clare’s retirees need help on pensionSo where does restitution of funding for St. Clare’s Hospital pensions stand? We have reached a stalemate. We were counting on the state of New York and the Albany Catholic Diocese to help us and were given some hope. But as of this moment, we have no funding.I can tell you the struggle is real, and the hardship is real for us. We are all certainly feeling the pinch financially and emotionally. We’ve sadly lost some pensioners along the way, and time is not on our side right now.I respectfully ask the state of New York and the Albany Catholic Diocese to please find it in your hearts to help us with funding. We have tirelessly voiced our frustrations to every possible source and have received an enormous amount of support from our community, legislators and local media, for which we are extremely grateful.  Funding of our promised pension is well deserved. We, the St. Clare’s Hospital retirees, faithfully and dutifully committed ourselves in serving the underserved and indigent community of Schenectady County. Ironically, we are now that community. We would like to live the last chapter of our lives with some dignity. Is that too much to ask?Patricia PangburnSchenectadyThe writer is a St. Clare’s Hospital pensioner. I write today as a resident of Saratoga, parent of a student, district alumna, and member of a dedicated law enforcement family. On May 21, I’ll be voting for Natalya Lakhtakia, Heather Reynolds and John Brueggemann for school board because they are the only candidates with well-rounded platforms making the positive case to elect them.If you haven’t been following the antics of their opponents (Saratoga Parents for “Safer” Schools or SPSS) on social media, then you might not have seen the stunning rhetoric they are infecting our community with. Allow me to summarize.It’s conspiratorial thinking. From the SPSS perspective, everything is hidden or secretive. When your go-to argument is that there is secret conspiracy against you, I humbly submit that you have stepped beyond the bounds of civil discourse.It’s bullying. SPSS consistently attacks opponents in highly personal terms. They have labeled their opponents as “anti-safety.” Can you imagine a more brazen or laughable attempt at slander? No one in this race (or any race) is “anti-safety.” This is the kind of absurd hyperbole that people hate.It’s partisan. SPSS loves to throw around the derisive label “political,” yet they seem to have no shame in adopting the tried and true tactics of name calling, scare tactics, push polling, party-line discipline, and big money. Some of the SPSS candidates, to their credit, have recently attempted to distance themselves from the partisan excess of their backers, but in my opinion, the die is cast.Brooke McConnellSaratoga SpringsMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusCuomo calls for clarity on administering vaccineEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18Foss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen? I’m confused. I think. Maybe.We will be replacing plastic one-use bags with possibly paper bags that were replaced by one-use plastic bags because we were cutting down too many trees and the landfill thing. Plastic bags have been found to be a hazard to the environment. We realize this because they don’t biodegrade.We are now going to be “threatened” by a user tax because the markets and most likely everybody else we buy from like Target, Walmart, Stewart’s, etc., who use these bags, will also do this.We are trainable, people. I bought re-usable grocery bags from the markets, in the dollar store, etc. I just have to remember them when I leave the house. Buy reusable bags and start using them. I think we can educate ourselves not to have to pay a ‘ransom’ for a bag when we buy something. Let’s start now and eliminate the element of surprise by taking the bags with us. It’s not going to work if we don’t think green.Holly RussoGlenville Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionStart using reusable bags to avoid new taxcenter_img Support positive Spa school board slate Union president not judge on free speechIt’s impossible to be certain, but it sounds like the president of Union College is taking it upon himself to be an arbiter of appropriate speech when in a recent op-ed he said, “I oppose free speech on college campuses.” The list of folks who have tried unsuccessfully to control speech is long, notorious and burdened with the yoke of failure. Perhaps Mr. Harris has within himself the elusive combination of talents and capabilities to make it work. But considering he had the testicular fortitude and lack of common sense to commit such words to paper, there are doubts at hand.John P. SummersNiskayuna last_img

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