Un-hurting Mother Nature

first_imgThis activity is also best donein groups for efficiency. This can be a group project or a family project.Aside from trash bins, PET bottles have already been used as eco-bricks inother parts of the country, and according to WIT College of Business andAccountancy dean Mr. Wilson Valencia Lozada, they have already made brooms outof these PET bottles in the past. THE Philippines is one of thebiggest ocean polluter of plastic. This has been reported over and over but tono avail, we are still one of the countries which contribute to plasticpollution in oceans and harm the environment. We can always help protect MotherNature in our own little ways. With collective action, we can create a bigimpact on our society and environment. Let us all strive to un-hurt MotherNature and the place we call home./PN The project of students from the Western Institute of Technology in Iloilo City to make trash bins using plastic bottles gives hope that we might be able to save our planet. This project is made by the 3rd year and 4th year Business Administration students majoring in Operations Management who took up the subject Environmental Management, an elective course under Ms. Theresa Roco Pineda, the only one who teaches the subject in the faculty. This course is in line with their advocacy to uphold outcome-based education and also in compliance with the institute’s pollution control office. They have been implementing environment for many years now. Panay News had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Theresa and some of thestudents who made the project. Ms. Theresa sent here students to various junkshops around Iloilo City to let them see firsthand the overwhelming amount ofdisposed PET bottles after which, she gave them the task to make the recycled materialsinto trash cans. center_img (Left Photo) A student looks for materials among piles of scrap. (Right Photo) Stacks of finished recycled trash bins. Plastic bottles made ofpolyethylene terephthalate or the PET bottles are the most common plastic single-usedby Filipinos. PET bottles are often used as packaging for soda, juice, andwater. Since this kind of plastic is not safe to reuse, they often end up beingdisposed of, and most of the time, improperly. Basically, all you need are 30 1.5L PET bottles, about half a kilo of aluminum wire and pliers to cut them and half meter plastic screen. All in all, you will only spend a little above a hundred pesos but giving much more to the environment. Instead of ending up in the seas, these PET bottles can be in our homes, schools and everywhere in our community. last_img

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