Treñas: No livelihood or houses for Badjaos

first_img“I really do not know what to do withthem here. But we are coordinating with the Department of Social Welfare andDevelopment and Philippine National Police paranga they do not become a danger to themselves,” he added. The Badjaos themselves disclosed to the PSTMOthat they were being taken for granted by their local governments and this waswhy they were looking for other areas where they could earn a living, headded./PN In fact, added Treñas, the citygovernment is still scouting for additional relocation sites. Hataman, the last governor of the AutonomousRegion in Muslim Mindanao, had criticized the city government’s plan to roundup Badjaos. “Angakon ya, we have to protect also Iloilo City,”said Treñas. BEGGING FOR HELP.Carrying a baby, a Badjao beggar knocks on the window of a vehicle stuck in traffic in Barangay Ungka, Jaro, Iloilo City. The city government plans to transport back to Sulu all Badjao mendicants. Also called “sea gypsies”, many Badjaos have been displaced by decades of conflict in Mindanao. IAN PAUL CORDERO/PN He defended his administration’sposition that it is much better for the Badjaos to return to their places oforigin in Mindanao. The other day, Public Safety andTransportation Management Office (PSTMO) chief Jeck Conlu denied that theBadjao beggarss were being contemptuously banished from this city. Treñas previously requested the policeand National Bureau of Investigation to verify reports that criminal syndicatescould be behind the proliferation of Badjao beggars here. According to Conlu, the one that shouldprimarily address this are the local governments of the places where theBadjaos came from. They should help their people, he stressed.center_img “I don’t have anything against HouseDeputy Speaker Mujiv Hataman but you know, we take care of our own people. Wemake sure no one gets hurt here,” the city mayor stressed. In fact, he said, “During our rescueoperations, ga-request sila nga buligan balik sa ila origin.” Badjaos here are known to climbjeepneys and beg money from passengers. “Diinmo sila paistaron diri? They have to goback to where they came from. This is also for the safety of their children. Wedo not even allow our Ilonggo children to roam around,” said Treñas. “Kon may maipit sa ila sin-o manabat?” While the security concerns vis-à-visthese Badjaos are manageable, Treñas said many Ilonggos, especially jeepneypassengers, have been complaining that the beggars would threaten or badmouththem if they refuse to give money. They were in fact being rescued fromthe streets where they’re exposed to danger, according to Conlu. “Unahonnaton nga hatagan sang livelihood kag balay ang taga diri gid. Kadamo pa kitagani sang backlog,” said the mayor. ILOILO City – The city governmentwon’t be providing livelihood to mendicant Badjaos or giving them houses. Thepriority for these programs are the poor residents of this city, stressed MayorJerry Treñas.last_img

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