A fan gets a tattoo of Andy Murray on his buttocks

first_imgIf you were wondering whether Andy Murray’s win at Wimbledon caused a fan to do anything crazy—like get a tattoo of the tennis star’s image on his or her butt—the answer is yes.The Daily Mail reports on one fan who lost a bet and had to get Murray’s image tatted on his rear, and he sounds pretty ecstatic about the whole ordeal.The booty tat you will see below belongs to Will Hirons, who sent out the following tweet ahead of Murray’s win this weekend, the first for a British male in 77 years.As we now know, Murray took down the formidable Novak Djokovic 6-4, 7-5, 6-4, leading to all of Britain losing their minds in the best way possible. Except for our friend here, who managed to turn triumph into absurdity.Off in Hereford, Hirons was no doubt freaking out just a little, knowing that he now had to lay down and get some ink where only his closest friends would see.Well, along with all of Twitter. Here is the aftermath of Murray’s triumph, according to Hirons and his now tattooed rump.According to the report, this is hardly the first time someone made good on an awful bet.Manchester City supporter Rodney Ward saw red after having to honour a drink-induced bet by getting a tattoo of arch rivals Manchester United’s badge etched on his chest.Now that sounds painful, both to the ego as well as to the chest area. In Hirons’ case, it sounds like he was excited to get the tattoo, seeing the humor in all of it.Something tells me he was sitting on the edge of his seat in the third set Sunday, waiting to get his badge of honor that pretty much makes him the biggest Murray fan in the world.last_img

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