Six BiH Football Players Received Same Status as EU Players

first_imgWith Croatia’s recent accession to the EU, six BiH representatives became EU members overnight. In addition to BiH passports, they also have Croatian passports.In order to protect the European football market from the invasion of young talented players from Africa and South America, leaders of most of the football cubs adopted strict rules on the number of players that every club could have, and those who do not have a passport of a EU country, said BiH players that received EU citizenship are: Emir Spahić, Senijad Ibričić, Boris Pandža, Mensur Mujdža, Toni Šunjić and Ivan Sesar.The first one to use this was Emir Spahić, who is coming to Bayer Leverkusen as a player with a passport of an EU country, and he believes that the same right will be used by Boris Pandžo, whose transfer is expected in the next period.(Source:

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