Michael Irvin says Bill O’Brien compared DeAndre Hopkins to Aaron Hernandez, didn’t like his ‘baby mamas’ around

first_imgWhile reports swirled that the relationship between O’Brien and Hopkins soured, it was apparently much worse than that — at least, according to former NFL wide receiver Michael Irvin.MORE: Did Hopkins’ relationship with O’Brien stop trade to Patriots?Irvin on ESPN’s Wednesday edition of “Get Up!” shared details of a discussion he said he had with Hopkins in which the Texans receiver detailed a meeting he had with O’Brien. In that meeting, Irvin said, O’Brien told Hopkins that, “‘The last time I had to have a meeting like this, it was with Aaron Hernandez.'” “(Hopkins) said, ‘Michael, that blew my mind that he would even bring that up. I’ve never been in any trouble. I don’t know why would he equate me with Aaron Hernandez,'” Irvin [email protected] shared shocking details surrounding the relationship problems between Bill O’Brien and DeAndre Hopkins. pic.twitter.com/mr33pvpfxC— Get Up (@GetUpESPN) March 18, 2020From there, Irvin said, the meeting between the two “deteriorated,” with O’Brien voicing displeasure over having Hopkins’ “baby mamas” around.Irvin said O’Brien originally called the meeting following Hopkins’ dislike of O’Brien’s “control” over the locker room, and that there was a “power struggle” between the two. The hosts and others were left stunned over Irvin’s comments.No way Bill O’Brien. No fricking way!— Ryan Clark (@Realrclark25) March 18, 2020I would give O’brien the benefit of doubt if DeAndre Hopkins was a personality that outwardly act’d stupid. The only person in this feud I’ve seen act like an ass multiple times in public is Bill Obrien.I believe Michael Irvin— PoliticallyIncorrect (@PoliticalLM) March 18, 2020Did y’all hear what @michaelirvin88 just said to @Espngreeny on @GetUpESPN: that @HoustonTexans coach Bill O’Brien actually called @DeAndreHopkins into his office and mentioned the late Aaron Hernandez in the same breath as D-Hop?? Oh! I’m really done with O’Brien if that’s true.— Stephen A Smith (@stephenasmith) March 18, 2020seriously doubt irvin made this up, or that hopkins made it up before telling mike. i’ve heard of college coaches saying madness like this, but in the pros? wow. https://t.co/Bp8gx06EmN— bomani (@bomani_jones) March 18, 2020 We may now have more insight as to why the relationship between DeAndre Hopkins and Bill O’Brien went wrong.Earlier in the week, the Texans coach and GM traded one of the league’s best receivers to the Cardinals for David Johnson and a second-round pick. It was a head-scratching — and ridiculed — decision, given the caliber of player Hopkins is and the return O’Brien got.last_img

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