Overtime…Lakers take one on the chin

first_img:10 As the NBA playoffs tip off, and yes, as my Lakers take one on the chin right out of the gate, let’s have a flashback moment and remember the top ten killer list. These guys may not have been considered the greatest of all time, but would give you work nonetheless. Here it is in no particular order: Connie Hawkins, Pistol Pete Maravich, David Thompson, Darryl Dawkins, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, Bill Walton, Moses Malone, Andrew Tony, Dave DeBusschere, and Patrick Ewing. Send me your Top 10 “Overtime.” 416 Springdale Dr., Pgh., Pa. 15235.:9 Speaking of memory lane, close your eyes and remember the sweet sound of The Twyne when Braddock’s own Alex “A.J.” Johnson lit up the Connie Hawkins League with that sudden death jump shot. You remember who the ladies came to see…it was “A.J.”…not Big John Marshall!:8 Speaking of Big John Marshall, and I was, his 7’ tall son, Zeke, is about to get paid coming out of Akron University and heading to the NBA, with great credentials I might add.:7 There you are, my man “T” Gearson out of West Mifflin. Thanks for the reminder. You’re now in the Locker Room, which is a better place to be than West Mifflin…What!?! Oh my bad. I should have kept that to myself!:6 My Pittsburgh Pirates, not yours, just swept the Atlanta Braves, the hottest team in baseball. That’s huge! But be careful now before you order your World Series tickets. There’s 145 more games to play. I’m just saying!:5 Think I don’t know what I’m talking about huh? But three weeks ago I gave you the special story on “D.J.” Boyce, the senior superstar guard at Gateway High School and told you he was destined for greatness and the next week he wins the MVP at the W. Pa. Champions High School All-Star Basketball Classic at Penn Hills High School against the best senior players in Western Pa.…say what…hello…I can’t hear ya…that’s what I thought…now shut up!:4 Five Starr Corporation and Champion Enterprises, along with Rayco “War” Promotions, want to remind you once again to not miss “Harlem Nights,” the No. 1 spot to be for an old school classic good time. Every last Friday and coming at ya again this Friday, April 26th at 3 Lakes Golf Club in Penn Hills, 6700 Saltsburg Road, 412-628-4856 or 404-721-2174, for more information—free parking— $10 Admission across the board—cash bar—cash kitchen till 11 p.m. – 50/50 – cash prize for the best dressed man and woman—yes, this is dress to impress…..you must go to the closet and break out your “Spring     thing”     gear—half off admission—doors open at 8 p.m.—quality vendors—“Par-Tay” goes until 1:00 a.m.—police security—celebrity guests—and this month’s special…a Mother’s Day thank you half off admission to the first 25 ladies to the door—“The Legend” Sly Jock is your D.J.—NOW LET’S DO THIS!!!:3 Champion Enterprises is looking for Concerned Citizens to Help Make a Difference. Volunteers, executive staff, models, vendors and board members. BE-A-PART-OF-THE-SOLUTION-NOT-THE-PROBLEM…Call 412-628-4856…C’mon man!!:2 If you want to really make a difference in the future of this city, I need you to do two important things for me. No. 1 Please grab your children tonight while you still can. Hug them…tell them you love them…and “make” them understand that violence is not the way. Please!No.2 You better get in the Mayor’s Race and help pick the best man for the job…or stop complaining!:1 Hey ya’ll…only 17 weeks till Steelers season…yea, I know, me too!:00 DOUBLE OVERTIMEI know you’ve heard it before, but be reminded that the best and safest time to be had in Pittsburgh is at The Savoy.  From the moment security valets your car to the great food and tremendous atmosphere, especially Monday, Jazz night and Friday and Saturday, show time nights. If there are three better cats in town, then Chuck, “J.B” and Gary, I don’t know where they’re at. And that my friend you can take to the bank. (Hey, do me a favor and don’t tell Stephan Broadus I said all this. He’s told me 1,000 times about that free Savoy promo!)~ GAME OVER ~last_img

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