UPDATE: 2013 Fat Tire Festival Results

first_imgThe 2013 Fat Tire Festival results are inKootenay Krawl 5 and under:  Rosco Dupont 6-8 year olds:  Lauren Bridge 9-13 year olds:  Oso Punchard “Grown-ups”:  Travis HauckLast Wheelie Standing DudeDouble Up Cross Country Race Sane 100+:  “Slow and Easy”  Brent and Rose Watkinson Sane Over/Under:  1st:  (no team name)  Chantal Dery and Yael Oosthuizen                             2nd:  “I’ll kill you if those are my socks”  Blair and Jordan Weston                             3rd:  “Dust Bunnies”  Jim Jamieson and Oso Punchard                             4th:  “Bunny Hop Fantastic”  Jeanie Dwyer, Neeva Marchal, Macy Weston Insane Open Mixed:  “Thunderqueen  and Wonderboy”  Maya Grosch and Dude Insane Open  Women:  “Hucks R Us”  Jessica DeMars and Doris Hausleitner Insane Open Men:  1st:  “NRG” Ronnie Haws and Mike Seniuk                             2nd:  “Falcon Fliers”  Mike Hood and Remi                             3rd:  “Pulled Pork”  Mark Weigeldt and Jeremy Major                             4th:  “Home Alone”  Dylan Henderson and Chris George                             5th:  “Jamaican Christmas”  Anthony Maley & Liam Maley                             6th:  “400 lbs of meat”  Charles Arnold and Mark Crowe                             7th:  “Cheetah Power”  Jackson Giroux (SOLO!) Insane Open 80+  Mixed:  1st:  “Peddle, Dang It!”  Sue and Kelly Robertson                                         2nd:  (no team name)  Candace English and Rudy                                         3rd:  “Sollidos”  Allison Lutz and Eric Sollid                                         4th:  “Diamond Duo” Con & Martine Diamond Insane 80+  Men:  1st:  “Whiskey”  Randy Lall and Graeme Marshall                             2nd:  “Yes We Can!”  Lucas Meyers and Joel McBurney                             3rd:  “Harold Street”  CP Walsh and Marc ThibaultKids X-C 2-3 Girls:  1st Nya, 2nd Katie, 3rd Ella 2-3 Boys:  1st Ronan, 2nd Hugo, 3rd Lee 4-5 Girls:  1st Gabi, 2nd Molly, 3rd Jersey 4 Boys:  1st Jace, 2nd Henry, 3rd Liam 5 boys:  1st Rosco, 2nd Marcus, 3rd Jordan 6-7 Girls:  1st Isla, 2nd Maya, 3rd Anouk 8 Girls:  1st tula, 2nd Sarah, 3rd Neeva/Imogen (tie) 6-7 Boys:  1st Kai, 2nd Jacob, 3rd Wyatt 8 Boys:  1st Dylan, 2nd , 3rd Xxavier 9-12 Girls:  1st Jordan, 1st Lauren 9-12 Boys:  1st Yael, 2nd Nate, 3rd TheoDownhill Under 13 Girls:    1st:  Neeva Marechal                           2nd:  Imogen Maley                           3rd:  Jordan Weston                           4th:  Macy Weston                           5th:  Angelica Ross                           6th:  Sarah Robertson Under 13 Boys:  1st:  Nate Atkins                          2nd:  Arlo Henderson                          3rd:  Sam Fisher                         4th:  Yael Oosthuizen                         5th:  Coda Punchard                         6th:  Seth Oosthuizen                         7th:  Wyatt Atkins 13-15 Boys:        1st:  Benoit Thibault                           2nd:  Joel Aubert 16-18 Boys:     1st:  Lewis Seagram                        2nd:  Sky Dunn Saavis                       3rd:  Conrad Wekwert                       4th:  Elijah Cogswell Open Women:  1st:  Jeannie Dwyer                         2nd:  Candace English                         3rd:  Kerry Greenley                         4th:  Oso Punchard Open Men:    1st:  Dilon Standidge                     2nd:  Alex Volokhov                     3rd:  Nigel                     4th:  Francois Everybody loves a Parade!The Fat Tire Festival 2013 kicked off in grand spirits Friday evening as cyclists took to the new Kootenay Co-op parking lot on Baker Street to participate in the annual parade through the downtown core.Cyclists from all ages groups bought out the two wheelers for the annual parade.The parade traditionall kicks off the Fat Tire Fest weekend.Saturday events were planned before the final races of the weekend, Sunday at the former Morning Mountain Ski Hill.last_img

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