AMD 8core 36GHz Bulldozer CPU only 266

first_imgLast week AMD revealed that the 16-core server version of its new 32nm Interlagos Opteron Bulldozer CPUs had started shipping. The so-called Opteron 2600 chips had been delayed, but will still make it into servers before the end of 2011.So what of the desktop variant of Bulldozer? They were expected to arrive this month, but with the 6200 getting delayed it was widely expected AMD would announce a delay for the FX desktop processors too.Those FX chips are now expected in the fourth quarter, so next month at the earliest. If that’s disappointing to hear, you’ll be glad to know the price of the FX chips looks likely to be a lot lower than anyone expected.The FX Bulldozer chips are expected to launch in 4-, 6-, and 8-core variants, with the FX-8120 and FX-8150 being the top performance offerings. The 8120 operates at 3.1GHz with 16MB of cache and 125W TDP. The 8150 pushes the operating speed up to 3.6GHz and maintains the 16MB cache and 125W TDP.We’d expect both those chips to be $300+, but that’s definitely not the case. Pre-order pricing has revealed AMD wants $221 for the 8120 and $266 for the 8150. CPU World believes by the time those chips get to retail they’ll be no more than $200 and $245 respectively. And don’t forget, these are the high-end 8-core chips, so expect the 6-core and 4-core variants to carry much lower prices. For example, the 6-core FX-6100 is available on pre-order for $188.If we compare that pricing with the current prices of Core i7 chips, in the same price range, you’ll get a quad core 3.06GHz chip running at 130W TDP. The closest Intel gets in terms of operating speed and cores is the Core i7-990X Extreme Edition at 3.46GHz and six cores. But then you’ll be paying around $1,000 for that chip.We won’t know how Bulldozer performs next to the latest generation Sandy Bridge Core chips until after release and some real world tests are performed. However, an 8-core 3.6GHz processor for under $250 sounds like fantastic value to me, even if it does fall short of the Core-i7s in performance.More at CPU Worldlast_img

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