EA Changes Loot Crates in Need for Speed Amid Battlefront II Controversy

first_img Need for Speed: Payback is Perfect for Those Who Want a Burnout ParadiseThese Are the Games You Should Check Out in November As you may know, I’m a fan of the recently released Need for Speed: Payback. It has just about everything I want from a Need for Speed game and is the closest thing we have to a new Burnout Paradise. With that said, I’m not exactly enamored with how in-game progression works. Though not egregious, it certainly does take some time and effort to unlock upgrades for vehicles if you aren’t willing to spend real-world cash to unlock them faster. In light of the backlash Star Wars: Battlefront II got over its microtransactions, EA has decided to change how loot crates and progression works in Need for Speed: Payback.Developer Ghost Games detailed changes in a Reddit thread over the weekend. “We’ve been using Community feedback, along with our own in-game data and have come up with a number of changes, many of which are in the process of going live,” reads the post. “Our aim with these changes is to make the progression, especially around the ownership of cars a much more enjoyable experience.”Now, players will earn increased REP and Bank simply by participating in events. Bait crates also reward extra REP and Bank. The same applies for competing against Roaming Racers. Air Suspension now appears more often in Shipments, while REP and Bank are increased even if you don’t finish an event in first place. The post concludes by saying additional changes and updates are coming soon. This includes changes to the way tune-up shops work, specifically, the quality and level of parts shops stock.Given how loot crates and microtransactions are viewed lately, it’s wise for EA to change similar items in Need for Speed: Payback. Hopefully, these changes will give the title a second lease on life. As I said in my write up, I believe this is a better racing game than both Gran Turismo Sport and Forza Motorsport 7 since it’s, you know, actually fun. With changes to loot crates and progression, Payback has only gotten better. Stay on targetcenter_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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