Wind Waker HD gets a Hero Mode for hardcore gamers

first_imgOne of the key titles Wii U owners have got to look forward to later this year is the re-release of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. For gamers too young to remember the Gamecube, it’s a chance to play a very entertaining and visually distinctive game from the Zelda series for the first time. For those of you who remember the Gamecube version fondly, it’s those HD graphics that are meant to be the main draw.Nintendo has decided to sweeten the deal further, though. For anyone picking up the game for a second time, you can now look forward to having the option of playing in Hero Mode.Hero Mode is basically hardcore mode. Normal Mode will see the game play just like the original with hearts being awarded for smashing pots and killing enemies. Hero Mode removes that. You won’t be able to find any hearts in the environment, which will up the difficulty considerably. If that wasn’t enough, enemies will also deal double damage making for a very challenging game indeed.If you’re wondering how Nintendo expects you to replenish your health without the use of hearts, it comes down to potions and fairies. Even then, managing your health is going to be a big part of playing, and entering into combat will have to be done with a lot more strategy in mind.Other than introducing this new mode, Nintendo has moved functionality over to the Wii U’s GamePad, including the inventory being displayed there. You can also take advantage of Swift Sail to steer the boat directly rather than the wind direction.Tweaks and HD graphics aside, I think Hero Mode is what Wind Waker really needed to attract older players back to the game. They can play the original for nostalgia, and then switch to Hero Mode for a real challenge.last_img

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