Photos text Amber Klatt

first_img[Photos & text: Amber Klatt] May 28, 2008 Continuing with our report on the Gallery refinements … Nick Bortel and Melissa Soluski spent the past week removing the grey carpeting that adorned the floor of the Visitor’s Center. After some heavy lifting and rearrangement of Quaderno booklets, they got to work pulling out the old carpet roll, and sanding out the floor. [Photo: Sue Anaya & text: Amber Klatt] This cleared the way for the new rouge carpeting squares. Trimming an edge to fit, Bortel arranges the tiles in place beneath a ceramics display area. [Photo & text: Amber Klatt] Wrapping up the job: the two enter the homestretch, with a bright new trail beneath them. As well, the Maintenance Crew was active in the Gallery last week. In the picture on the right, Manager Randall Schultz represents his department. Harness-clad, he poses before the background of the summer screen, put in place in the ceiling of the Crafts III building. last_img

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