By Bruno Travi FFWPU Spain On the weekend of Satu

first_imgBy Bruno Travi, FFWPU SpainOn the weekend of Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of May 2017, 28 members gathered in our training center in El Manantial, in a family spirit for a workshop under the title “Return to the Home”.It was a revealing and encouraging discovery to know that in an atmosphere of love and trust, the talents and virtues of each person can manifested and how valuable it is, when we try to live for the sake of others.We had the lectures “Jesus of Nazareth, a man” and “God in history, waiting for the Messiah” given by Daniel Aguirre. We also had testimony of Luis Carvajal, the highest “Emotions and dynamics of laughter” led by Luisa Lozano and three conversations “Our past”, “Our present” and “Our future” moderated by Bruno Travi.In a family environment, we could explore and discover the greatest motivations and desires in life, share experiences that enrich everyone and understand how vital the Unification family has been known to renew our desire to be an active part of it.ReflectionsRuth Zelada: “Two days in which we experience family unity sharing testimonies meals dances, games, sincerity, respect. Although we come from other countries with different customs, I did not feel someone different and I noticed that everyone wanted to reflect the love of God. Thanks to all ”Monika Meszarós: “Hello family! I am very grateful for the meeting, for the sincerity of all. Without judgments, we were able to liberate ourselves together, and to know ourselves more deeply. Many thanks and until the next ”Daniel Aguirre: “A deep thanks to all. Personally, I have been deeply touched by the living experience of sharing with those of us the same vital perspective, a common core, a starting point for the world, as a great “secret” that unites us, among us, and with all the universe.We advance in the way of being great friends, more than coreligionists of a creed. We walk towards full respect for our differences and particular riches, based on a feeling of love and unity.It is worth it, because this anchor our spirits and hearts with the essential, and in that anchorage, we bind God also with us, even as if he did not want to, because the force that is generated can be gigantic. Thanks to everyone and see you next time!! “last_img

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