Trudeau Liberals take Human Rights Tribunal to court over First Nation children

first_imgJorge BarreraAPTN National NewsThe Justin Trudeau Liberal government is taking the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to Federal Court over a ruling last month that linked the suicide deaths in a northern Ontario First Nation with Ottawa’s inaction on implementing total equity in health care delivery for Indigenous children.Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett and Health Minister Jane Philpott issued a joint statement Friday saying the tribunal’s May 26 ruling contained two issues that they, as medical doctors, could not allow to stand and needed clarification from the Federal Court.“Our views on this are informed by our past experiences,” said Philpott, in an interview Friday morning.The ministers took issue with the tribunal’s order that all Jordan’s Principle cases be processed within 48 hours and that the federal departments do away with case conferencing, which it saw as an unnecessary and additional administrative layer.Under Jordan’s Principle, the health care needs of First Nations children are placed ahead of jurisdictional disputes between the federal and provincial governments. It also applies to other public services, including education, early childhood learning and child welfare.The Human Rights Tribunal ruled last year that Ottawa discriminated against First Nation children by underfunding child welfare services on reserve and by failing to provide health care services on par with the rest of the country.The Trudeau Liberals have spent at least $707,000 fighting the tribunal’s order, according to numbers obtained by NDP MP Charlie Angus through an Order Paper question.The previous administration of Stephen Harper went to Federal Court in a failed bid to have the discrimination case, which was filed in 2007, dismissed.Since the 2016 ruling, the tribunal has issued three compliance orders against the Trudeau Liberals over the slow pace of its required changes.Philpott said that while the tribunal’s orders were generally sound, the potential exceptions created too much of a health care risk and forced her government to take the issue to Federal Court.“This is our mechanism to get back to the tribunal to make sure we understand what they are saying,” said Philpott. “We don’t want anything that we agree to, to not be in the best interest of kids.”Philpott said there are some complex cases where 48 hours is just not enough time to get the health care treatment right.“Both of us have been in circumstances where we know that when kids need care there are advantages where that care comes not from an individual, but from team based care.”Cindy Blackstock, head of the First Nation Child and Family Caring Society, said Philpott and Bennett resorted to a “technical argument” aimed at undermining the tribunal’s orders and ruling.“This is a distraction. The federal government has entered zero evidence from the ministers or any other physician suggesting these timelines are problematic,” said Blackstock, who filed the 2007 human rights complaint with the support of the Assembly of First Nations. “They have violated four legal orders to stop the discrimination against vulnerable children and are now launching another technical argument to shirk their responsibilities.”Blackstock said the only physician to file an affidavit was from Dr. Michael Kirlew, who works out of Sioux Lookout, Ont.Kirlew, who provides health care to northern First Nations, linked Ottawa’s failure to fully comply with the tribunal’s order with two suicide deaths of 12-year-old girls in Wapekeka First Nation this past January. Another 12-year-old girl died by suicide last week in the community.“Canada did not challenge Dr. Kirlew’s evidence,” said Blackstock.NDP MP Romeo Saganash said he was “disgusted” by the move to take the issue to Federal Court.“It was unacceptable for Justin Trudeau to ignore the rulings of the Human Rights Tribunal regarding discrimination of First Nations children but I am disgusted to learn that now, Trudeau is taking Tribunal itself to court,” said Saganash. “How desperate can he be to disregard basic human rights of Indigenous People?”Health Canada received an urgent request for help from Wapekeka last summer after community members uncovered a suicide pact. Health Canada officials initially balked at the request.The tribunal, in its May 26 ruling, also made the connection.“While Canada provided assistance once the Wapekeka suicides occurred, the flaws in the Jordan’s Principle process left any chance of preventing the Wapekeka tragedy unaddressed and the tragic events only triggered a reactive response to then provide services,” said the tribunal’s ruling at the time.Philpott said the tribunal made a “factual error in the decision” because it said there was a “refusal to provide funding” to the community.“That funding was never refused,” said Philpott.Philpott said linking the two issues was also an oversimplification.“The roots and causes of these terrible suicides in First Nations will not be solved simply by money and additional health workers. They have to do with deep social injustices, intergenerational trauma, so much inequity,” said Philpott. “Let us not oversimplify this.”Philpott said federal officials have identified 8,800 Jordan’s Principle cases to read more

UN envoy warns of implications of trial of last child soldier held

Mr. Khadr, the last child soldier held in Guantánamo, was 15 years old when he allegedly threw a grenade that killed a US soldier. He faces war crimes charges at his trial. Radhika Coomaraswamy, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, stressed in a statement that the statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is clear that no one under the age of 18 should be tried for war crimes. Prosecutors in other international tribunals have used their discretion not to prosecute children, she added. “Since World War II, no child has been prosecuted for a war crime,” Ms. Coomaraswamy said. “Child soldiers must be treated primarily as victims and alternative procedures should be in place aimed at rehabilitation or restorative justice.” She noted that even if Mr. Khadr, a Canadian citizen, were to be tried in a national court, the standards of juvenile justice are clear – “children should not be tried before military tribunals.” In the past decade, the international community has worked together to protect child in armed conflict, the envoy said, with the US and Canada leading the way in creating and implementing such norms. “Without their support, we would not have been able to persuade the Security Council to create aWorking Group on children and armed conflict nor be able to release thousands of child soldiers around the world,” Ms. Coomaraswamy said. “I urge both governments to come to a mutually-acceptable solution on the future of Omar Khadr that would prevent him from being convicted of a war crime that he allegedly committed when he was child.” 10 August 2010The start of the trial of Omar Khadr – arrested in Afghanistan in 2002 for crimes he allegedly committed as a child – before the United States Military Commission in Guantánamo Bay today could set a precedent jeopardizing the status of child soldiers around the world, a United Nations envoy cautioned. read more

Channel 4 video nominated for Nobel Prize

The joint submission to the Norwegian Nobel Committee said: We feel honoured to nominate the team that produced the documentary film ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ in 2011 for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2012 , for its outstanding contribution to global peace and justice.This team includes Callum Macrae, the director of the film, Jon Snow, the presenter of the story in the film, and indeed the entire crew at ITN UK who were behind this complex and enormously challenging production. By bringing to light the breaches of international conventions by the Government of Sri Lanka in a bold manner and by piecing together numerous forms of evidence in a coherent way, the value of independent journalism to the building of a peaceful global order in the century ahead has been amply demonstrated by the ITN team.There has been a surge in interest in Sri Lanka to promote its ‘solution to the war on terrorism’ as a model to be exported to other countries in the world. The dangerous precedent such a shift in paradigm would pose to aspirations of deserving small nations and the threat it poses to global peace could only be contained by the truth of war crimes being exposed by watch dogs like the journalists at ITN, and their contribution to sustaining peace being acknowledged in appropriate ways.We do not wish to see a world in which the brutality of wars and the horrific scenes of human tragedy are brought into the living rooms of families in the name of journalism. But in order to get rid of the menace of war and to erase the inhumanity residing amongst us once and for ever from this planet, timely and ethical journalism incorporating newer forms of technology and respect for human dignity are of utmost importance.The ITN team has been acting in a consistent manner in this arena of responsible reporting for a long time, and their significant contribution to reaching out the conscience of the international community and working for a peaceful world is worthy of the highest recognition. A group of British and Australian Parliamentarians have nominated the controversial Channel 4 video on Sri Lanka for the Nobel Peace Prize, a press statement said on Saturday.British MP Siobhain McDonagh said that she and Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon have made a joint submission to the Norwegian Nobel Committee nominating the team at ITN and Channel 4 that produced the documentary film ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ for the 2012 Nobel peace Prize. Respectfully yours, The one hour long documentary ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ was first broadcast on Tuesday, 14 June 2011 on ITN Channel 4 in UK. Since then it has been shown by television channels in several countries in the North and South, and also screened at special events at numerous international forums and university seminars. It was shown to the United Nations Human Rights Council in May 2011 and was also screened at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The significance of the film as a recording of history, its impact on bringing out truth, and the potential it offers for reconciliation and peace in Sri Lanka are enormous. McDonagh said the Channel 4 team produced a timely piece of journalism and brought to light the breaches of international conventions by the Government of Sri Lanka and this has much to contribute to truth, reconciliation and peace for all citizens of Sri Lanka. She further said that through the nomination of the ITN Channel 4 team for the Nobel Peace Prize, it is also her hope that the world’s attention to the continuing abuse of human rights in Sri Lanka will bring justice and peace to the long suffering Tamils in the island. We are truly honoured to be making this nomination. As stated in Alfred Nobel’s testament, the work we refer to here has contributed to the ‘formation and spreading of peace congresses…….’ and in the long run will add to the ‘building of  fraternity between nations and the abolition of standing armies’.The ethnic strife and the subsequent civil war that ravaged Sri Lanka for over three decades entered its most cruel phase in the first months of 2009 leading to the death of an estimated 100,000 people, most of whom were Tamil civilians who perished under the attack by the Sri Lankan armed forces. The ‘Sri Lankan Killing Fields’ film has been an effective and significant means in raising the level of awareness globally about crimes committed by the warring parties in Sri Lanka. It has also called for an international investigation of war crimes, in line with similar calls made by international organizations such as the International Crisis Group, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, and also suggested by the UN Secretary General’s Expert Panel Report.At a time when the failure of existing UN institutions is increasingly noted in relation to safeguarding human life and preventing brutal wars, the contribution of a documentary such as ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ in bringing to light not only this failure in the context of the war in Sri Lanka, but also promoting the need for reviewing and revitalising the UN’s capacity in cases similar to the Sri Lankan war, are immense. Siobhain Ann McDonagh                                                                              Lee RhiannonMember of Parliament for Mitcham and Morden                             Greens Senator for NSWUK                                                                                                                          Australia read more

United Airlines flight forced to land at Colorado airport

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A United Airlines flight has been diverted to a Colorado airport due to turbulence and a flight attendant has been transported to a hospital.The Gazette reports Flight 6171 from Salt Lake City to Houston was forced to land at the Colorado Springs Airport around 8:15 a.m. Wednesday.An official at the airport 80 miles (129 kilometres) south of Denver did not provide details of the flight attendant’s injuries, but said they are not believed to be life-threatening.A second flight attendant and a passenger refused medical treatment. The nature of their injuries was not reported.The official says the plane that departed Salt Lake City around 7 a.m. was scheduled to leave Colorado Springs and continue to Houston around 11 a.m.___Information from: The Gazette, http://www.gazette.comThe Associated Press read more

Annan calls on both Palestinians and Israelis to take measures to defuse

In a statement issued by his spokesman, Mr. Annan cited the continued detention of an Israeli soldier by Palestinian militants; the killing by Palestinian militants of an Israeli civilian; further rocket attacks against Israel; and Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip which have resulted in a serious deterioration in humanitarian conditions.“He is also concerned that Israel has detained 64 Palestinian officials, cabinet ministers and members of the Legislative Council, who were elected in January,” the statement said.“The Secretary-General calls on the Palestinian Authority to do its utmost to secure the release of the Israeli soldier, and to end rocket attacks against Israel and other action by militants,” it added.The Government of Israel was called on “to show restraint, to avoid actions that damages civilian infrastructure and that aggravates the hardship of the Palestinian population, and to abide by international humanitarian law.”In order to prevent a further decline in the humanitarian situation, the Secretary-General said “Israel should also act urgently to facilitate the import of essential medical supplies, food stuffs, and particularly fuel into the Gaza Strip.”The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has been assessing the situation in the Gaza Strip, where it says that nearly half the population is currently without electricity.The problem could persist for up to nine months, OCHA said, noting that the reduced capacity is affecting the provision of water, with daily access for families being cut by up to 50 per cent in some parts of the Gaza Strip.The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) has stepped up its activities in pre-positioning food and other supplies in parts of Gaza so that it can offer assistance to people in need, while the UN World Food Programme (WFP) and the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) have also been increasing food aid. read more

Asian stocks mixed as investors focus on US election

Trader Thomas Ferrigno works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Monday, Nov. 7, 2016. Stocks are opening sharply higher on Wall Street after the F.B.I. said newly discovered emails didn’t warrant any action against presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. (AP Photo/Richard Drew) Asian stocks mixed as investors focus on US election by Joe McDonald, The Associated Press Posted Nov 7, 2016 8:18 am MDT Last Updated Nov 7, 2016 at 9:00 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email BEIJING, China – Asian stocks were mixed Tuesday following strong Wall Street gains as investors focused on the final hours of a tight U.S. presidential race.KEEPING SCORE: Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index gained 0.2 per cent to 22,837.05 points and the Shanghai Composite Index advanced 0.1 per cent to 3,135.81. Tokyo’s Nikkei 225 retreated 0.2 per cent to 17,150.84 and Seoul’s Kospi lost 0.1 per cent to 1,995.28. Sydney’s S&P-ASX 200 was unchanged at 5,248.00. Benchmarks in New Zealand, Singapore and Jakarta rose while Taiwan declined.WALL STREET: The U.S. stock market rebounded from a nine-day losing streak to post its biggest gain in eight months. Financial stocks led the rally, which erased more than half of the losses racked up by the Standard & Poor’s 500 index since October 25. The Dow gained 371.32 points, or 2.1 per cent, to 18,259.60. The S&P 500 index rose 46.34 points, or 2.2 per cent, to 2,131.52. The Nasdaq composite index added 119.80 points, or 2.4 per cent, to 5,166.17.PRESIDENTIAL JITTERS: Hillary Clinton appeared to gain an edge over rival Donald Trump but analysts said the race was too close to call and traders hedged their positions. Clinton’s position improved after the FBI announced its review of newly discovered Clinton emails found no evidence to warrant charges. Unease had ratcheted up in recent weeks over signs the race was tightening. Clinton is seen as more favourable to trade while Trump has unnerved markets by calling for controls on imports and immigration. That triggered the longest losing streak for the S&P 500 since 1980.ANALYST’S TAKE: “Markets are moving toward pricing in a Clinton victory, but not fully, given the painful lesson from Brexit,” Mizuho Bank said in a report. “We expect market volatility to increase somewhat tomorrow as U.S. exit polls and elections results start streaming in.”CURRENCY: The dollar rose 104.44 yen from Monday’s 104.39 yen. The euro edged lower, to $1.1036 from $1.1042.ENERGY: Benchmark U.S. crude shed 3 cents to $44.86 per barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The contract gained 82 cents on Monday to close at $44.89. Brent crude, used to price international oils, rose 7 cents to $46.22 in London. It added 57 cents the previous session to $46.15. read more

Caver Stith lead Old Dominion past William Mary 7153

NORFOLK, Va. — Ahmad Caver and B.J. Stith scored 20 points each, Caver had five assists and Stith grabbed 11 rebounds and Old Dominion defeated William & Mary 71-53 Wednesday night for a fourth straight win.Marquis Godwin scored 14 points for the Monarchs (6-3), who are 4-0 at home.Old Dominion is ranked in the top seven in the nation for holding opponents to less than 55 points and 36 per cent shooting. Those defensive stats were reflected Wednesday as William & Mary shot 35 per cent (21 of 60) on the way to its 53 points.Nathan Knight led the Tribe (2-7) with 14 points and Matt Milon 12. William & Mary cut a 10-point halftime gap to three, 37-34, after an 11-3 run to start the final period.The Monarchs shot a season-high 50 per cent (27 of 54) with 10 3-pointers.Wednesday was the 90th meeting between the schools and while Old Dominion leads the series 68-22, the Tribe had won six of the last eight meetings including three in a row through last season.The Associated Press read more

Football Linebackers and more from Urban Meyer on the Big Ten coaches

Ohio State senior linebacker Chris Worley (35) sacks in the second half of the Ohio State-Michigan State game on Nov. 11. Ohio State won 48-3. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorJunior linebacker Jerome Baker is cleared for Saturday’s game against Illinois, while redshirt junior Dante Booker’s status remains questionable, head coach Urban Meyer said on Tuesday’s Big Ten coaches teleconference. Baker and Booker both missed last Saturday’s game against Michigan State with undisclosed injuries. With the two starters out against the Spartans, Meyer sent Chris Worley and Malik Harrison to the outside linebacker positions and started Tuf Borland inside. The standout performance by the replacements has brought up the question of who will start Saturday for Ohio State, even if Booker and Baker are both healthy. Meyer said a decision on that will be made in the next two days. “I like the fact first of all, we’re building a bit of depth,” Meyer said Tuesday. “And second of all, those are very tough, consistent players and I’ve seen both playing a lot.”One player who Meyer said has stepped up all season for the Buckeyes was Borland. The redshirt freshman filled in for Worley earlier in the season due to Worley’s injury and has since established himself as a co-starter at middle linebacker on the team’s depth chart each week. “Just his consistency, it’s every day,” Meyer said. “He matches — it’s amazing his name is Tuf, he’s a very tough player, very consistent player, does things right and a very valuable guy for our program.”Here are some more notes from Meyer on Tuesday’s teleconference:Meyer on the three targeting calls that have been levied against his team this season: “The one [by Denzel Ward] was misfire by an official and then the other two weren’t. I think Bosa’s was a hit. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one like that where it’s in a pile. It’s kind of in the pocket. But Dre’Mont’s is wrong. So I met with coach Schiano and coach Johnson we’re just going to constantly, there’s zero resistance on our end. We are proponents of the rule. I don’t think the rule is — it’s a good rule. It’s for the best interest of the game and our players and all players, so it’s just consistently educating and teaching it and making sure that people know it’s not acceptable.”Meyer on the recent performance of freshman kicker Blake Haubeil: “Our kicker, ever since we’ve had, you know, the struggles early has been really, really good. So he’s kicking it right where he’s supposed to be. We’ve made some personnel changes and the personnel changes have been very productive.”Meyer on if Senior Day will prevent Ohio State from sleeping on Illinois: “I think that you know it’s a very unique experience, Senior Day in the Horseshoe. I hear players talk about it. It’s an incredible tradition to salute the players in front of the great fans and I think just the coaching staff has to take the lead in the way we practice. There will be zero conversation about the past and the future. It’s about today and then Wednesday and then Thursday and go play well. And that’s our job.”Meyer looking ahead at Illinois: “Their two-deep inside guys on defense stand out. You can tell they’re building for the future, and they can see there’s some young players on the offensive side of the ball that have brilliant futures and we’ve just got to make sure that future isn’t Saturday. We have a lot of respect for them and what they’re trying to do and their coaching staff and their players and the two inside guys can play anywhere in the Big Ten conference.”Meyer on what stood out from the Michigan State game: “The offensive line play without question. They went against a very good rush defense, we’ve gone against them, but that’s our sixth time and it’s not easy to do what they did and they worked extremely hard and without question the offensive line play.” read more

RK Vardar win the fourth SEHA Gazprom league title

← Previous Story HUNGARY IS STILL IN THEIR HANDS: Telekom Veszprem win Cup Next Story → ALL SEHA Gazprom League finals RK Vardar Skopje won the fourth title at SEHA Gazprom League in seventh season of the strong regional competition. The home team of the Final4 event in Skopje and reigning champion of the competition beat RK PPD Zagreb 26:24 (13:13) after interesting final in which Croats managed to stay in the balance until the last 10 minutes of the match.Domestic team had 7:3 and 9:5 in the first half thanks to well-organized attack led by Luka Cindric, who was making chances to Dainis Kristopans and Vuko Borozan. With Domagoj Pavlovic in the main role, Zagreb almost leveled score until the end of the first half.Good performance of the visitors at “Jane Sandanski” hall gave a chance Zlatko Horvat to score equalizer for 18:18 at 44th minute. The Croatian champions played very agressive in the defense with Pavlovic, Bicanic and Mrakovcic ain attack who forced Raul Gonzales to change his 5-1 defensive line with Canellas in front.Direct red card of Zagreb’s line player Leo Susnja in 49th minute after rough foul over Ivan Karacic gave the wings to the home team supported by 5.000 fans. Five minutes later, Timur Dibirov scored for 25:20.Luka Cindric and Dainis Kristopans led Vardar with five goals each, while on the other side Zlatko Horvat netted eight goals. RK Vardarseha gazprom league read more

RedBox Instant vs Netflix Can Verizon stream with the best of them

first_imgWhile there’s nothing stopping you from using multiple video streaming services, chances are that you would prefer to pay one monthly fee and get the best possible service. While RedBox has made a name for itself as a Netflix competitor when it comes to physical DVDs, their new on-demand streaming service could put the company in the running as a complete video solution, despite Netflix’s huge head-start.As you probably know, RedBox is known for it’s conveniently located, DVD-dispensing kiosks. These ATM-like terminals exist in convenience stores and supermarkets around the US and, using them, the company has gained a solid following. Using physical locations might be great for a small set of users, but nothing is more convenient than streaming video, so RedBox is getting into the game and competing with the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant.What is RedBox Instant?RedBox Instant is designed to be a streaming service that combines the company’s existing customer base with the content library that Verizon has built into their FIOS on-demand service. RedBox Instant — which is still in beta — is designed to handle both streaming and physical rentals, with a set number of RedBox rentals included in the monthly service rate. By adding a digital streaming component to their business model, RedBox becomes the only service to compete directly with Netflix on both fronts as Blockbuster shut down their rental kiosks.So, in theory, the two services are similar, but who should get your streaming video dollars?Content availabilityIt doesn’t really matter how good your app is, or how inexpensive, if you can’t deliver the content users want, you’re dead in the water. For the most part, users are interested in movies as soon as they are available, TV shows the day after they air, and a wealth of child-friendly content. And it doesn’t hurt to have a healthy backlog of popular movies and television shows to encourage users to spend a weekend having a movie marathon or TV series binge. (Nothing like catching up on two seasons of Mad Men or Breaking Bad from Friday to Sunday…)Netflix offers a massive library of child-friendly content, as well as movies and TV shows. The service is continually trying to offer more next day airing of prime time television shows, though it is often accused of lagging behind when it comes to new movies hitting the service. If you enjoy catching a whole TV series all at once, or if you find yourself needing to watch every Quentin Tarantino movie, Netflix has you covered.RedBox’s physical DVD service is top notch, especially when it comes to delivering movies the same day they are released in stores, but their new streaming service lacks just about everything. It’s shelves are barely enough to fill entire pages when searching through genres. And while there’s a section for TV shows it seems the content hasn’t quite made it there yet. It’s unclear whether or not the content is missing as a result of Verizon not yet plugging in their FIOS service, but for whatever reason the digital service lags well behind their physical offerings.Again, RedBox is still in beta and we do expect things to get better. We’ll update this article as time goes on and the library expands.Netflix app vs. RedBox Instant appApps for video streaming services must A) make it simple for users manage their watching queue B) make it absurdly easy for users to watch video C) allow for quick, convenient content discovery D) be available everywhere, so no matter what I am using I can just pick up a remote, controller, or keyboard and pick up where I left off.That might all sounds like a tall order, but Netflix has pioneered these very features with their service. RedBox implements a much of the same, but offers a different approach to many of these features.In app format, Netflix places a premium on being able to do very little other than access streaming video. The homepage for all of their apps (Android, iOS, Xbox, PS3, etc.) are shelves of content, designed to show you what you have recently watched, what you have put in your queue, and related content you may find interesting. There’s not a lot in the way of controls or settings outside of volume and adding content to your queue. The design is incredibly simple, and functions exactly as you would expect.There are a few downsides though, especially when trying to watch television shows. Right now, on touch-enabled hardware, tapping the cover of a video immediately starts playback. This is great if you’re starting a new series or a movie, but if you are searching for a specific episode it can be tedious.RedBox’s app is more mechanical, allowing access to content restriction by rating and more settings for the quality of the stream. The app gives you information about your entire account, including how many credits you have for physical rentals. Since Netflix has tried pretty hard to separate your physical experience and your streaming experience, you won’t find those things in their app.RedBox is currently only available on Android an iOS, however, and doesn’t even currently support a browser based streaming experience. As RedBox continues to evolve their app experience, users may find they appreciate the more mechanical feel to the app experience as it presents a “one stop shop” for their entire service.PricingWhile overall content may be the most important thing, it’s hard to overlook a good price. RedBox is able to leverage their own userbase with the weight of Verizon FIOS to create a large audience overnight, where Netflix has built their audience from the ground up. In the past, Netflix has caught a lot of nasty comments for adjusting their pricing plans and separating their services. RedBox is able to benefit from those experiences and possibly even undercut Netflix in this regard.The current pricing plan for Netflix is $7.99 per month. You are offered unlimited streaming and one DVD out at a time sent to you by mail. If you want Blu-Ray discs, it’s an additional $2 per month. The service is restricted to a single device streaming at a time, and if you’ve never tried the service before you can get the first month of the service for free. There are no contracts, and you can cancel the service any time.RedBox offers their service for $8 per month, which includes unlimited streaming and four DVD rentals at any RedBox kiosk. If you would like to rent a Blu-Ray, it costs you an additional dollar. If you want to rent more than four DVDs each month, you pay the kiosk price for the DVD rental. You can choose to rent these four DVDs whenever you like, even all at once if you choose, but you can only keep the rental for 24 hours without incurring additional charges. RedBox is expected to announce a streaming only plan for $6 per month, but those plans have not been officially announced.Netflix vs. RedBox Instant: And the winner is…If for no other reason than available content, Netflix wins my vote. If you are a RedBox kiosk user, the four credits per month may be enough to sway you until Verizon drops some real content into the Instant service. If you’re the type to get most of your digital content from streaming services, I think it will be a long time before anyone would seriously consider switching from Netflix to RedBox.last_img read more

R Kelly pleads not guilty as court documents outline alleged sexual abuse

first_img Short URL Monday 25 Feb 2019, 8:17 PM Image: AP/PA Images Feb 25th 2019, 8:17 PM The conduct in the tape can be described as nothing short of outrageous, illegal. It leaves not question as to Mr. Kelly’s guilt.Avenatti said he is aware of a third tape, but he did not provide details.Greenberg reiterated at a news conference that Kelly has done nothing wrong and said no one has shown him any evidence to the contrary.“Everybody is entitled to a defence. Everybody is entitled to the presumption of innocence. We should all be taking a step back. Let’s see what happens, what the evidence is and how this plays out,” Greenberg said.‘Not wealthy’In arguing for bail within the singer’s ability to pay, Greenberg told a judge over the weekend that Kelly is not wealthy despite decades of success creating hit songs. The lawyer blamed mismanagement, bad contracts and other issues for his client’s financial woes.Details of the allegations against Kelly emerged on Saturday when the prosecution released four detailed documents — one for each accuser — outlining the basis for the charges. The allegations date back as far as 1998 and span more than a decade.A girl who attended Kelly’s child pornography trial in 2008 got his autograph after a court session.He later invited her to his home in the Chicago suburb of Olympia Fields, where they had sex multiple times starting the following May, when she was 16, according to the documents, which said he also slapped, choked and spit on the girl.In 1998, another girl reported meeting Kelly at a restaurant where she was having a 16th birthday party. Kelly’s manager gave her the singer’s business card and suggested she call Kelly. The girl’s mother heard the exchange, took the card and told the manager her daughter was 16.But her daughter later retrieved the card from her purse. She contacted Kelly, who told her to take a cab to his studio, where they had sex periodically for a year, the documents said. After the first encounter, she was given an envelope of cash.In early 2003, a Chicago hairdresser told prosecutors that she thought she was going to braid Kelly’s hair, but he pulled down his pants and instead tried to force her to give him oral sex. The woman, who was 24, was able to pull away, but Kelly ejaculated on her and spit in her face, the documents said. Michael Avenatti is representing some of the alleged victims. Source: AP/PA ImagesKelly’s DNA was found in semen on one of the accuser’s shirts, and semen found on a shirt worn by another was submitted for DNA testing, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx said. It was not clear when the accusers turned the shirts over to authorities.Each count of the new charges carries up to seven years in prison, making it possible for him to receive up to 70 years. Probation is also an option.The walls began closing in on Kelly after the release of a BBC documentary about him last year and the multipart Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly, which aired last month.Together they detailed allegations that he held women against their will and ran a “sex cult.” A courtroom sketch of R Kelly appearing in court. R. KELLY HAS pleaded not guilty to charges that he sexually abused four people dating back to 1998, including three underage girls. Kelly walked into a Chicago courtroom wearing an orange jumpsuit after spending the weekend in the city’s 7,000-inmate jail. He said little during the brief arraignment, telling the judge only his name. His lawyers spoke on his behalf.The singer-songwriter was arrested on Friday on 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse. A judge on Saturday set bond at $1 million, meaning that Kelly must post $100,000 to be released.Defence solicitor Steve Greenberg said Kelly’s confidants were trying to gather the money, and he expected Kelly to post bail this evening. He said his client’s ability to post bail is not affected by a child support case because that case is a civil court matter.If released, Kelly is forbidden from having any contact with females younger than 18.The recording artist has been trailed for decades by allegations that he violated underage girls and women and held some as virtual slaves. Kelly has consistently denied any sexual misconduct, and he was acquitted of child pornography charges in 2008.Lawyer Michael Avenatti, who said he represents two Kelly accusers, said his legal team gave prosecutors a second video that shows Kelly sexually abusing a minor. Avenatti previously gave prosecutors video evidence that he said showed Kelly having sex with an underage girl.Avenatti said the second video involves a 14-year-old girl. He said the video from 1999 or 2000 is about 55 minutes long, but he did not say if it was the same 14-year-old girl seen in the first video he turned over to the authorities. Share1 Tweet Email A courtroom sketch of R Kelly appearing in court. Image: AP/PA Images By Associated Press 12,438 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article R. Kelly pleads not guilty as court documents outline alleged sexual abuse of three underage girls Bail for the R&B star has been set at $1 million. No Comments last_img read more

Fire damages Longview crematorium

first_imgFire broke through a roof of a crematorium in Longview on Monday night.Firefighters were called to the blaze at the crematorium at Longview Memorial, 5050 Mount Solo Road, about 5:45 p.m. Monday, according to fire officials. Crews arrived and found that fire had broken through the roof of the crematorium. They attacked the blaze, bringing the fire under control in about 25 minutes.No one was injured.Firefighters from Cowlitz 2 Fire & Rescue and Longview Fire Department helped fight the blaze.last_img

Lloris blamed Frances weak effort

first_imgFrance were beaten 2-0 by the Netherlands away from home and the World Cup winners’ captain, Hugo Lloris, admitted that his team showed a really poor performance and they could have conceded even more goals.The Netherlands can win their group if they will manage to beat Germany away from home – and France will only have to hope that the Germans will be able to stand tall and deflect the Dutch attacks for the group win.Hugo Lloris admitted that the performance shown by his team was really weak and they didn’t deserve anything from this game, according to played to the minimum of our potential and paid for it. The score could have been even more flattering for the Dutch.Opinion: Neymar will earn respect back from the PSG fans Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 After completing his incredible return to Parc des Princes, we predict that Neymar will earn the respect back from PSG supporters.The situation between Neymar…“We have to hope that the Germans beat them on Monday.”“We knew what to expect, we knew the level of the Netherlands, they had demonstrated it against Germany and Belgium in October and they turned in a great performance.”“We did not live up to it. It’s disappointing, now we no longer have our destiny in our hands.“In the coming days, we will have to analyse it even if it is not easy to find the right words.”last_img read more

Scott touts over 24K new jobs in Miami lower unemployment

first_img Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. MIAMI (WSVN) – Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced Friday that the Miami area added about 24,600 new jobs in the private sector over the past year.“Like the rest of the state, the Miami area continues to experience impressive job growth,” said Scott in a press release.Scott said the unemployment rate was 4.9 percent in June, down 0.7 percent from this time in 2016. Statewide, Florida businesses created nearly 18,000 new jobs in June, and the unemployment rate dropped to 4.1 percent, the lowest it’s been in 10 years.“We will keep fighting to make Florida a national leader for job creation,” said Scott.The press release stated that the industries in Miami with the highest job growth were:education and health services with 8,100 new jobstrade, transportation and utilities with 7,600 new jobsleisure and hospitality with 6,000 new jobsThe Miami area continued to rank third among the state’s metro areas with 28,505 job openings.For 63 consecutive months, Florida’s annual job growth rate of 3.1 percent has exceeded the nation’s rate of 1.7 percent. last_img read more

Rural Utility Agrees to 76M Settlement for Overbilling Ft Knox

first_imgNolin Rural Electric Cooperative agreed to pay $7.6 million to the federal government over charges that it billed the Army for energy-saving projects at Fort Knox, Ky., that should never have been authorized, federal prosecutors said Monday.Prosecutors said the Kentucky utility received $8 million for 20 projects that were touted as saving more than $7 million over a decade but actually were estimated to lose more than $15 million over that period, reported the Lexington Herald-Leader.Prosecutors also cited several incidents in which Nolin charged the Army for projects that had not been approved by listing the costs under unrelated, but authorized, projects.The investigation “uncovered criminal acts and millions of dollars in questionable payments,” acting U.S. Attorney John Kuhn Jr. said. The settlement will produce “an important correction” to ensure future compliance with program requirements, Kuhn added.Since 1996, Fort Knox awarded 108 conservation projects valued at about $270 million to the utility. The DOD Inspector General found through an audit that Fort Knox officials did not properly award and manage projects under the installation’s energy program, according to the story.Meanwhile, Fort Knox’s former energy program manager faces charges related to the overbilling scheme. DOD contractor Gary Meredith worked closely with Nolin and later was hired by the utility as its resource energy manager. Dan Cohen AUTHORlast_img read more

State Economist says global spike in oil prices not likely to affect

first_imgAn above-ground section of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System near the Toolik Lake Research Station in the North Slope Borough. State economists say the jump in oil prices isn’t likely to prompt a boost in production in Alaska. (Photo by Rashah McChesney/Alaska’s Energy Desk)Global demand for oil is up, and prices have surged to their highest level since 2015.Listen nowIn Alaska, North Slope crude rose to more than $63 a barrel by Monday.At the Department of Revenue, Chief Economist Dan Stickel said they’re pulling together data for the state’s annual oil price forecast. It’s due out in December.  While they’re watching the jump in oil prices, they’re not ready to change their long term forecast just yet.“Short term price movements, they’re interesting, but if you’re looking at the impact on investment and production, you really have to look at more of the long term,” Stickel said.In the long term, the state isn’t expecting oil prices to rally much higher, for much longer.In late October, the Department of Revenue put out a preview of that forecast. And, state economists predicted that oil prices will average about $54 per barrel next year.The price of oil is often volatile. Especially when global supply and demand don’t line up.  Stickel said Alaska has generally been along for the ride when those dramatic shifts happen.“That’s a lot of what we’ve been looking at is just this idea that, you know we had a few years of an under supplied market with oil prices up over $100, then we had a few years of an oversupplied market when prices went down to the $30’s and below,” Stickel said.In the last year or so, Stickel said supply and demand have roughly balanced out. But even when there’s more demand than supply, it doesn’t typically have an immediate effect on the production of Alaska’s oilStickel said that’s because Alaska isn’t a ‘swing’ producer. Oil production projects in the state take a long time to explore and develop and bring on line.“And they produce for a very long time. When a project in Alaska happens, it’s a very long term investment and it’s a long term production,” Stickel said.So, when global demand for oil is higher than supply, Alaska’s not likely to step in and bring production up quickly, to meet that need.“You look at the shale oil down south and you can make a decision to drill a well and you can have that well producing a few months later,” Stickel said.So, for now, Stickel said the state is sticking with its forecast. Adjusting for inflation, they’re predicting that oil prices will stabilize in the $55 to $60-per-barrel range for the next five years.The price increase helps the state’s bottom line. But, for the budget to be balanced – even with all of the budget cuts that have happened – oil prices would have to be much higher.“You’d need [Alaska North Slope] prices to be up in the $90 per barrel range or higher,” Stickel said. “And I don’t think we’re anywhere near going back to those levels so, we still have a hole to fill.”last_img read more

Qatar Airways postpones worlds longest nonstop flight due to A350 delay

first_imgQatar Airways has delayed the launch of the world’s longest scheduled direct flight — from Doha to Auckland, New Zealand — by two months because of the late delivery of Airbus A350s, an airline spokeswoman said on Tuesday.”I can confirm we are looking at February. It’s due to aircraft availability, specifically the delay in delivery of A350s,” she said.The 17.5 hour, 9,031-mile service on Boeing 777 jets to New Zealand had been due to start on Dec. 3 this year. Those aircraft will now be needed as an A350 backstop elsewhere.The delay adds pressure on Airbus after Qatar Airways raised questions over the A350’s reliability last month, saying it had “issues” barely a year after entering service.The airline is the largest customer of the A350, a mid-sized carbon-composite jetliner designed to compete with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and larger Boeing 777.It has so far taken delivery of eight of the jets.”We are working closely with our customers to deliver aircraft to their full satisfaction,” an Airbus spokesman said.”Next deliveries are imminent,” he said, adding that its 2016 targets for the jet remained unchanged.Qatar Airways said on Sunday it would reduce the frequency of several routes from Doha, including a newly announced weekly flight to Adelaide in Australia, because of hold-ups in the delivery of planes from Airbus.Relations between Qatar Airways and the European supplier had already been shaken by the late delivery of smaller A320neo jetliners, blamed on problems at engine maker Pratt & Whitney and glitches with Airbus hydraulic systems.The airline has a reputation for tough standards and has delayed taking delivery of Airbus and Boeing aircraft in the past.Industry sources said the latest row appeared to revolve around production quality issues on at least one jet, including a problem with the aircraft’s doors that was being worked on. One said A350 teething problems had dragged on for several months.The latest delays come at a time when both manufacturers and airlines are facing concerns over aviation demand after years of growth, giving some carriers an incentive to take advantage of any production hiccups to slow down adding extra capacity.While putting heat on manufacturers over delays, Qatar Airways has said its premium traffic yields have slipped in the face of weaker business sentiment and a drop in spending by oil producers.However, the Gulf carrier insists it needs the aircraft it has ordered to support its rapid growth plans and has threatened to use Boeing to meet part of the shortfall.last_img read more

VIDEO Huge brawl breaks out at UK cinema after MayweatherMcGregor fight screening

first_imgMayweather/McGregor is in the books, but there are still interesting videos trickling out from the night of the fight, including a huge brawl that broke out at a UK cinema as the fight wrapped up.These blokes were in the mood to scrap after watching McGregor get worked, and threw down on the stage, as the post-fight was still on in the background. There were more power punches landed in this exchange than McGregor landed in the 10 round fight.Everyone wants to be a boxer on the night of a big fight.last_img

Get The Lifetime Subscription Of Sticky Password Premium For A Massive 73

first_img Share Tweet Submit I simply hate coming up with long complicated passwords for blogs, work, social media, other apps etc. It is extremely hard to remember all the passwords and if I keep one password for everything, then that simply puts me at risk. I am pretty sure many of you are faced with the same problem. Wccftech is offering a massive discount on the Lifetime subscription of Sticky Password Premium. With this you will never have to face the password problem again.Sticky Password Premium: Lifetime Subscription featuresThis is no ordinary password management system. It is amazing and has won awards for its amazing password management and form filler solution. It is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. It will help protect your online identity and provides you with encrypted passwords for all your accounts. You just need one master password and then you are good to go.PCMag Editors’ Choice: “Sticky Password Premium does everything you’d expect from a password manager and more. New biometric authentication and no cloud Wi Fi sync make it an even better choice.”Here are highlights of what the Sticky Password Premium has to offer: Create strong, unique passwords, whenever & wherever you need them, on all of your devices Never forget another password again Automatically and securely save and fill all of your passwords across the web Enjoy premium quality security for your all of your passwords & personal information Automatically log-in to recognized sites Choose between cloud-based or local storage for your password library Fill out online forms instantly w/ saved information Trusted technology — millions of people protected Version 8 Languages: English, German, Czech, French, Russian, Japanese All minor updates and major upgrades includedCompatibilityMac OS X 10.9 or laterWindows 10, 8, 7, VistaiOS 9.0 or laterAndroid 4.0 or laterThe license will cover one user only and all of his/her devices. After purchase redeem the product within 30 days. After this you are set for life. Happy Shopping!Original Price Sticky Password Premium: $149.99Wccftech Price Sticky Password Premium: $39.99last_img read more