Grandi resigns with the Leganés and forces him to look for a substitute

first_imgThe goal would be to find an archer as Andrés Prieto was last season, that is, with experience in First or Second, but aware that his situation once joined the pepinera squad will be to live in the shadow of Cuéllar and Soriano, now immovable as a holder and substitutes for Javier Aguirre. André Grandi, Italian-Brazilian goalkeeper of Leganés (22 years old), will soon terminate his contract with the pickles to be free and find a new destination away from Butarque. The lack of minutes and their desire to grow, even if they are competing in lower categories, is behind this decision. The club has not put problems, although now you must add a goalkeeper to your list of futuristic reinforcements for the remainder of the season. Nor is it ruled out that the entity decides to give continuity to the goalkeepers of the Third subsidiary Division and especially Pablo Lombo, a regular goalkeeper with Luis Cembranos.Grandi arrived at Leganés last summer in a club bet For a young profile for the position of third goalkeeper after the last two seasons that role corresponded to Serantes and Andrés Prieto himself, both away from the Brazilian’s profile.Time passed, however, Grandi has not had opportunities to play. In fact, his appearances have been limited to seven games in which he has been summoned, but in which he has not played. The last one, the Copa del Rey tie against Andorra on December 19.Grandi has alternated his presences with the first team with calls in the subsidiary of Leganés, where he has played a total of eight games of Group VII of the Third Division. In total, Grandi has conceded ten goals. The lack of competitiveness and motivation to play in this category (last year he played with Inter Madrid in Second B) is another reason why the goalkeeper has asked to leave to find a new destination.last_img read more

“When you play for Simeone you realize how good it is”

first_imgTrippier, who arrived at Atlético this summer from Tottenham Hotspur, gave an interview to the British BBC network in which he talked about his stay in Madrid and the figure of Simeone. “It is the best in the world? For me personally, yes. When people play for him, he realizes how good he is. Obviously there are other good coaches out there, Klopp, Guardiola, Sean Dyche (he trained Trippier for four years), but he is one of them for sure, “he said. About his Spanish, Trippier said he is learning and that he understands “much more” than he can speak. “I have the right people near me, who is helping me and the coaching staff is fantastic. I will not learn in a day, it will be a process that really calls me”he pointed out.In addition, Trippier said that it is sometimes difficult to communicate with Simeone and that the Argentine tries to speak to him in English. “It’s not a problem on the field. I know what he asks of the players, what he needs and what he expects from the team.” The English side of Atlético de Madrid Kieran Trippier explained that for him Diego Pablo Simeone is the best coach in the world since when “you play for him you realize how good he is”.last_img read more

Manu García renews for Alavés until 2021

first_imgLast summer it was published that Manu García would automatically renew if he played a minimum of 25 games this season. According to the data that was handled then, he was required to appear for 45 minutes per crash to compute that calculation.In a public appearance, the Vitorian midfielder assured that these data were not exact. Who else who least questioned the issue of the 25 games but, in fact, it was. What was not rigorous was saying the half game. Just jumping onto the field was enough. So last Friday, against Valencia and when he played the last minutes due to Fejsa’s injury, the circle was closed. 25 games in 27 days, 20 as a starter and 5 as a substitute but jumping onto the pitch. Therefore, renewal.One of the captain’s dreams was arrive with the blue albiazul to 2021, the entity’s centenary year. And that circumstance has already occurred for what Manu García will continue to be captain, except for unexpected decisions, in the next season.last_img read more

Setién, two months of crisis in crisis at Barça … but leader

first_imgThe Cantabrian returned to the Valverde plan (he recovered the drawing from 4-3-3) and lived a couple of games of truce (Leganés and Levante), but Barça, without Griezmann in the eleven against all odds, was eliminated from the Copa del Rey by Athletic Bilbao. In San Mamés, and after Madrid’s defeat against Real seemed to open the door to the title, he played a correct game but did not take advantage of his chances. Setién, like the dressing room, was beaten at the last minute with surprising acceptance. The Cantabrian went on to say: “I am satisfied”. “It has happened so fast that I am sorry I could not have enjoyed it more. I would like this to last a lifetime.” Quique Setién served two months this Friday at the helm of Barça and, although everything has happened to him, as a direct manager or notJust a week ago, he assured that he was delighted. So what his stay in Barcelona, ​​for the moment, has been absolutely volcanic and, in the method, somewhat contradictory. Setién said upon arrival that he would speak to Valverde, but a few days ago he admitted in an interview to ‘The newspaper’ that “finally” did not. Also, in his presentation, on January 14, he advanced that he could change things in the drawing. Which he did, but soon forgot.But let’s go by parts. Quique Setién made his debut as coach of Barça on January 18 in a Barça-Granada that, despite solving with a very short 1-0, generated an artificial current of illusion among certain sectors of the culé environment. Barça gave 1,005 passes but, of them, only 203 went forward. The 3-1-4-2 activated by the Cantabrian coach finished questioning the next two games. Griezmann saved Barça from a disaster in Ibiza and, finally, the invention went to waste with the 2-0 of Valencia, where the team was a toy against the Celades team. The 3-1-4-2 was boring and sterile in attack and very fragile in defense. For that reason, and with the ‘recommendation’ of some player, he went on to a better life then.Before the game against Valencia, Setién had experienced his first crisis in the offices. The Cantabrian coach aligned with the club in the decision to send Carles Pérez to Roma with Suárez already injured. “Dembélé is going to leave,” he said to combat pessimism. Days later, the Frenchman broke and Barça was stiff with troops. In between, other news altered the locker room ecosystem. In addition to the doubts about the change of the coach, the players reproached each other for the final guilt of the dismissal of Valverde. In addition, an incident between two heavyweights of the team in the course of training emerged. Setien, however, was able to control the chaos. Before reaching his first month as coach of Barcelona, ​​Setién was already under the spotlight in the previous match at his previous home, Benito Villamarín. Aided by a refereeing push (Sergi Roberto could be sent off before the break), Barça won 2-3 thanks to three assists from Messi. That victory and that of Getafe made Barça the leader of LaLiga. Setién thought that these two victories would serve to calm the Barça environment and that he would live calm days at last, but they were the days of the I3 Ventures scandal, which culminated in a racket against Bartomeu in the match against Eibar.Then came the most important week of the course. In Naples, Barça tied (1-1) but disappointed its people, who were bored, saw a team without a soul despite the draw and feared for the future of the team as soon as they faced a more powerful team. San Paolo’s bad feelings were confirmed at the Bernabéu, where the lousy second half weighed more than a neat first half. As in Bilbao, Setién was again a denialist. So much so that, a week later, he repeated up to five times in the pre-match press conference against Real Sociedad that they had generated seven scoring chances at the Bernabéu. The worst of the Classic was not that, but the noise that was generated around the fuss of Eder Sarabia. Like so many other things, the vehemence of the second coach divided Barcelona’s. A group applauded Sarabia’s public censorship of footballers, accused of absolute power. Others saw it as a populist and disrespectful act that would only have been legitimized if they had been told from you to you to the players. From the club they had no doubts. Sarabia had to apologize for the forms and Setien, reproach him in public. He had no other choice, no matter how soon Sarabia came out to say that he was “proud” of being the way he is and that he would not change. From trouble to trouble, from convulsion to convulsion, Barça reached two points from Madrid last day, with the goalaverage lost and with very bad feelings.But perhaps it is true that Setien has something of Cruyff. And not in his romantic idea of ​​the game. But in the winks of football, the flower. Despite accumulating three defeats since he arrived, two of them in the League where, without going any further, Barça only lost one game in the entire LaLiga two years ago, the Cantabrian celebrates two months as leader of LaLiga after the victory against Real Sociedad and the defeat against Betis. An absolutely unexpected but real scenario. Setien, the stoppage due to the coronavirus, confirmed shortly before completing his second month as coach of Barça, will allow him to do the preseason that he could not in the summer, physically recover their players and insist on concepts that have not yet been well implemented by their players. Two months later, Setién is still standing, leader in LaLiga and with all the Champions League options open. He already warned: “The north wind is pushing me.”last_img read more

Telegraph: Barça and City study a Semedo-Cancelo barter

first_imgCancelo would come to replace a Semedo that has not convinced and that the club has already put on the list of transferable. Publicly, Guardiola assured that he did not want to get rid of the Portuguese but he does not see it as essential either. “What has to happen will happen”, he assured. The former Valencia player has played less than expected and could try to force his departure.A deprecated formulaThe stoppage of soccer due to the coronavirus has also stopped the flow of income from television rights to the club box, one of its main sources of money that serves to sustain the millionaire transfers.Given the shortage of funds expected for the next market, barter is a formula that could be back in fashion in which assets are exchanged, players in this case, instead of paying in exchange for a footballer. The next transfer market could end Nelson Semedo’s time as a FC Barcelona player. According to the Daily Telegraph, the Portuguese likes Pep Guardiola and Manchester City would propose a barter with Joao Cancelo, ex of Valencia who arrived in another exchange for the exmadridista Danilo from Juventus.Semedo was close to leaving last summer, with Atlético as the main destination, but he finally stayed in Barcelona. Now, Manchester City could be their destination to compete for a spot with Kyle Walker.last_img read more