Banks wont take sides in Trump subpoena fight

NEW YORK — Two banks that have done business with Donald Trump say they aren’t taking sides in a fight between the president and House Democrats over access to his financial records.Lawyers for Deutsche Bank and Capital One filed letters in court Tuesday stating that they won’t take a position in Trump’s lawsuit seeking to block them from responding to Congressional subpoenas.Deutsche Bank’s lawyer said the dispute is between Trump and Congress — not the banks.A hearing is scheduled for May 22.Lawyers for House Democrats have agreed to let the banks delay their response to the subpoenas until after there’s a ruling.Trump wants the banks barred from responding to subpoenas from two House committees that have demanded records as part of investigations into the Republican’s private business dealings.The Associated Press read more

Tech Ed students back in the classroom

This month marks the beginning, or rather the return, of the Technological Teacher Education program.The Faculty of Education program relaunched in January after a temporary hiatus, during which the curriculum was updated and a targeted group of students was identified.The goal was not only to build a “successful and sustainable program,” but to also help form Tech Ed teachers who can positively impact student learning and meet demand seen across the province, said Program Co-ordinator Steven Khan.In addition to alterations made to ensure the program is consistent and current, emphasis has been placed on limiting the number of in-person classes to increase accessibility.Students will benefit from more online courses and sessions delivered through Brock’s Sakai-based Learning Management System, which will allow them to continue their day-to-day careers during the program’s four-month study period.That flexibility has proven to be of critical importance to those working in the trades.“We are hopeful that participants will appreciate the thought and effort that has gone into bringing a stellar team of instructors and advisors together with many years and varied experience in technological education to guide them through this process of becoming a teacher in today’s classroom,” said Khan.He believes students will find the program “extremely challenging” as well as both a “rewarding and enriching growth experience.”There has been increased integration of Technological Teacher Education with other Teacher Education programs.This will benefit not only the future of Tech Ed, as candidates bring a great amount of knowledge and experience in fields such as science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, but also prospective middle-school teachers who will have a chance to learn from those experiences as well.Khan offered his thanks to those who worked on the program before its hiatus, particularly the previous Program Co-ordinator Bob Moulton and Dr. Tony DiPetta.Both were responsible for the work that went into researching, designing and promoting the new program, and providing leadership prior to the relaunch and during the program’s transition, Khan said.For more information, visit the Technological Teacher Education program webpage. read more

Metso invests in growth Lokotrack assembly capacity in Tampere to be enhanced

first_imgThe capacity of Metso’s Tampere factories will be increased and occupational safety improved with the new production line for Lokotrack mobile crushing plants. The investment of approximately €1 million will significantly shorten the delivery times of equipment models put into line assembly production. The first new Lokotrack equipment should come off the line in Q1 2018.The Speedline 1 assembly line currently in use at Metso’s Tampere factory produces in each working shift one Compact series mobile crusher weighing about 50 t. The new Speedline 2 line will increase the theoretical capacity by more than 30%.“The delivery times of equipment models implemented on a line assembly method instead of today’s fixed assembly method will be significantly reduced. At the same time, we will release plenty of space for assembling the largest crusher and Lokotrack models in fixed assembly locations,” says Juha Erkkilä, the Project Manager in charge. “Due to the increasing demand for track-mounted mobile crushing plants, heavier and more complex models, such as the LT120TM, LT300HP/GPTM and LT220DTM will also be manufactured on Speedline 2 in addition to the current large volume models, such as the LT106TM and LT1213TM.”“The parts to be assembled can be better accommodated in the more spacious hall, which improves occupational safety. A new elevated gangway will also be built in the project, allowing visitors to view the operations in the factory more safely and fluently,” Erkkilä continues.Metso is the leading manufacturer of mobile crushers globally. Metso’s Lokotrack series combines over 30 years’ experience in developing mobile crushing equipment with latest materials and ease of use.last_img read more

Government to cut down immigration numbers while boosting security at places of

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Australia’s federal government is expected to announce policies that will see immigration intake halt at 160,000 while directing a large percentage of skilled migrants to settle outside Sydney and Melbourne for at least five years before attempting to move.According to The Australian, the Cabinet has already authorised changes, that limit annual intake of permanent migrants to 30,000. At the same time more incentives for foreign students will be created in order to drive the influx away from the two major cities.The Liberals’ Expenditure Review Committee (ERC) are reportedly aimed at relieving congestion in Sydney and Melbourne, however, said policy would also affect the government’s budget estimates, given that population growth from migration is linked to economic growth.“It’s always the right time to be addressing the issues and needs that the Australian public are concerned about and want addressed,” the Prime Minister told reporters in Adelaide earlier today.“This debate about population growth and migration has nothing to do with those other issues that have been the subject of recent focus.”Scott Morrison argued that discussions about population should not be “hijacked” by other debates on race or tolerance.“We’ve seen what happens when these important practical debates are hijacked by these other extremist views, which occur from both the right and from the left,” he continued, adding that he is determined to not see the serious population growth management issues taken off course.“I have no purchase in those agendas, I have no truck with those agendas, and I denounce them absolutely. When I’m in a position to announce our migration cap, I’ll do it then,” he said.Meanwhile, Greens leader Richard Di Natale questioned the timing of the debate in relation to the Christchurch tragedy.“Three days after a massacre the prime minister decides to land this into the national conversation,” he told ABC News Breakfast.While NSW and Victoria are receiving most migrants to the point of congestion according to the PM, South Australia calls for at least 5000 skilled migrants to strengthen its economy.The Federal Infrastructure Minister Alan Tudge said last year that planning measures would need to be implemented to manage changing patterns of migration in Australia. He said in October unplanned population growth had led to an imbalance in the rates of settlement across the country.On another note, that of safety, Mr Morrison has warned against “tribalists” hijacking policy arguments, declaring the migration issue “must not be appropriated as a proxy debate for racial, religious or ethnic sectarianism”.“When we disagree better, we engage with respect, rather than questioning each other’s integrity and morality,” he told the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce in Melbourne.“Tribalists constantly seek to appropriate legitimate policy issues and public concerns as a tool to promote their separatist and exclusive agendas. To contort and misrepresent disagreement in the worst possible terms.”These comments came before announcing a $55 million grant allocated towards toughening security at mosques, churches, synagogues, temples and religious schools “in response to growing concerns about extremism in the wake of the terrorist attack in Christchurch”.Grants will reportedly range from $50,000 to $1.5 million for enhancements including CCTV cameras, lighting, fencing, bollards, alarms, security systems and public address systems.As religious leaders prepare for parliamentary meetings later today, the news of a Geelong mosque receiving online threats by an anonymous troll have emerged.An image of army gear was posted with a threat directly naming the Geelong Mosque surfaced in the dark web, 9News reported without repeating the threat which was picked up by police on Sunday.Lastly, Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia (FECCA), issued a statement today stressing that the Morrison Government’s proposed cut to Australia permanent migrant intake by 30,000 in order to ease congestion sends the wrong message to the Australian community.“FECCA welcomes the Morrison Government’s infrastructure spending commitments in the lead up to the Federal Budget,” said FECCA Chair Ms Mary Patetsos.“These commitments are a recognition of the need to invest in infrastructure in order to keep up with population growth in Australia’s major cities. However it is extremely important that following the atrocities in Christchurch political leaders not conflate the issue of congestion with migration. To do so is not only erroneous but irresponsible. Care must be taken at this time to reassure Australians from ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds that they belong and are welcome in Australia.”last_img read more

Un pied sur la Lune le projet reste envisagé avec R2

first_imgUn pied sur la Lune : le projet reste envisagé avec R2Le programme Constellation américain qui prévoyait l’exploration de la Lune a été abandonné. Mais des ingénieurs ne perdent pas espoir de voir se réaliser leur rêve.L’exploration de l’astre lunaire avait été abandonnée par le président américain Barack Obama. Cependant, un groupe d’ingénieurs a mis sur pied le “Projet M”. Objectif : envoyer un robot humanoïde (le R2 qui participera à la prochaine mission Discovery) sur la Lune. Ce projet coûterait moins de 200 millions de dollars. Beaucoup moins qu’un programme d’exploration humain dont le coût était estimé à 150 milliards de dollars.À lire aussiAprès l’annulation de son lancement pour la Lune à la dernière minute, l’Inde est de nouveau prêteCette colossale différence de prix s’explique par le fait qu’un robot ne nécessite pas de support de vie comme un humain. Autre point fort d’une telle mission : le partenariat mis en place par la Nasa. Ainsi, en échange d’une aide technique apportée à l’entreprise Boston Power, la start-up a fourni au centre spatial américain une pile au lithium de haute technologie. De même, en donnant accès à sa technologie sur ses moteurs et sur ses installations, la Nasa a pu obtenir d’Armadillo Aerospace un prototype d’atterrisseur lunaire.Le Projet M table également sur la propulsion à oxygène liquide et méthane, ou encore un système d’atterrissage automatique. Le projet compte utiliser Robonaut 2 (R2), le robot humanoïde (doté d’un buste, de deux bras, et d’une tête) mis au point par la Nasa et General Motors. Le 12 novembre 2010 à 11:52 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Japon le traitement des déchets du tsunami séternise à cause de la

first_imgJapon : le traitement des déchets du tsunami s’éternise à cause de la radioactivitéAvec le tsunami qui a ravagé le nord-est du Japon le 11 mars 2011 ce sont plus d’un siècle de déchets qui se sont cumulés dans les villes dévastées. Dix mois après la catastrophe, des montagnes de déchets restent à traiter, une tâche colossale rendue plus compliquée encore du fait de la radioactivité.Ravagée par le violent séisme et le tsunami gigantesque qui ont tué plus de 19.000 personnes, la côte Pacifique du Japon est un vaste champ de ruines. Si la plupart des détritus ont été déblayés et regroupés, le tri et le traitement (recyclage, incinération) s’éternise alors que ces montagnes de déchets représentent un véritable danger (effluves, incendies, etc.). “Nous voulons terminer en trois ans, mais si les choses se poursuivent au rythme actuel, cela semble difficile, il faut absolument accélérer”, a indiqué le ministre de l’Environnement, Goshi Hosono, également chargé du suivi de l’accident nucléaire de Fukushima. “Nous prenons des dispositions supplémentaires, comme la construction de sites temporaires d’incinération, mais même cela ne suffira pas”, déplore-t-il cité par l’AFP. Il estime ainsi qu’il n’y a pas d’autre solution que de faire appel à la solidarité nationale et de mobiliser des infrastructures dans toutes les régions pour se débarrasser rapidement des 16 millions de tonnes de détritus de la préfecture de Miyagi (la plus touchée). On recense également 4,42 millions de tonnes à Iwate et 2,28 millions à Fukushima où se sont dispersées en masse des éléments radioactifs. Pour ces derniers, le traitement sera effectué sur place.La ville de Tokyo a déjà accepté de prendre en charge une partie des débris, “mais les autres localités n’ont rien décidé”, se désole le ministre. “Nous voulons à tout prix nous reconstruire. Pour ce faire, il faut au plus vite que nous évacuions ces déchets. Je souhaite vraiment que les habitants de Tokyo et des autres régions comprennent la situation dans laquelle nous sommes”, implore Yoshiaki Suda, maire d’Onagawa. Des installations inadaptées À lire aussiUne petite île japonaise a disparu sans que personne ne le remarqueLe gouvernement tente de rassurer les autorités locales qui refusent de prendre en charge des déchets radioactifs en provenance de Miyagi et d’Iwate, deux préfectures proches de celle de Fukushima. Il explique que les installations sont pourvues de filtres assez fins pour empêcher le passage des particules radioactives. De plus, des mesures sont effectuées et seuls les déchets ne dépassant pas un certain niveau de radioactivité seront pris en charge dans des incinérateurs conventionnels.A Tokyo, on prend de multiples précautions. Ainsi, les détritus sont scrupuleusement triés (à la main et avec des engins de chantier) sur les lieux de la catastrophe et on procède au retrait des objets et matières dangereuses tout en séparant les différents matériaux (bois, plastique, métaux, etc.). Toutes les heures, la radioactivité de l’air est mesurée dans la zone de tri, et ce dans quatre directions différentes. Tandis qu’une partie est traitée le reste est stocké en attendant les résultats de nouvelles mesures de radioactivité. Les déchets ne présentant pas de risques sont chargés dans des containers, puis de nouveau mesurés avant d’être transportés par train jusqu’à Tokyo où ils sont brûlés.Un niveau de radioactivité “sans danger” “La radioactivité mesurée dans les cendres est de 133 becquerels par kilogramme, c’est moins que le niveau temporaire fixé pour la nourriture, il n’y a pas de danger et pas lieu de s’inquiéter”, argue M. Hosono. Son ministère affirme que des dispositions sont prises pour s’assurer que les personnes qui œuvrent dans les zones de tri et d’incinération ne risquent pas d’être exposées à un niveau de plus d’un millisievert par an (maximum autorisé en temps normal). Le 23 janvier 2012 à 19:33 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Queer Eyes Bobby Berk Offered to Remodel AOCs Congressional Office

first_imgStay on target Hey @AOC! I’m in DC all week girl! Put me to work! “Have time… will work for democracy!”— Bobby Berk (@bobbyberk) April 2, 2019Ocasio-Cortez smartly accepted the offer, telling Berk to “swing by our office.” RIP our post-it wall :(We were told it had to be taken down…So we moved it inside instead— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) February 12, 2019Surely Ocasio-Cortez has neither the time nor the need for a full fashion/beauty/food/culture transformation. But boy would she make for a great hour of reality television.More on Discusses Why ‘Farting Cows’ Are Bad for Green New DealOcasio-Cortez Slams Tech Companies Over Climate Denial at ConferenceAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez Drops in on Charity Twitch Stream for Trans Kids Ocasio-Cortez Discusses Why ‘Farting Cows’ Are Bad for Green New DealOcasio-Cortez Slams Tech Companies Over Climate Denial at Conference center_img Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bobby Berk may have just become best friends, and I stan it.The interior designer and reality TV personality on Tuesday tweeted at AOC, offering his time and expertise during a week-long visit to Washington, D.C.“Will work for democracy,” Berk, the unsung hero of Netflix makeover show Queer Eye, wrote. Swing by our office!We’ve barely had time to hang anything up, three of my staffers are expecting babies, and we’ve got a bach pad/warehouse type situation out here. SOS!(The good news is that people are leaving a rainbow of positive post-its on our wall so that’s cute)— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) April 2, 2019Born and raised in the Bible Belt, Berk struggled with homophobia from a young age. He left home at 15, roughing it on the streets for a few years before landing a gig at a furniture retailer.Later, with only $100 in his pocket, a 20-something Berk relocated to New York City, where he worked at Restoration Hardware and Bed, Bath and Beyond before moving on to high-end furnishing company Portico.With no high school diploma or formal training, he climbed the ladder to creative director, and when Portico folded in 2006, Berk launched his own online store, with locations in New York, Florida, and Georgia.In 2018, he was cast as one of the Fab Five on Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot, and has been out-working the rest of the team ever since. (Love you, JVN!)Ocasio-Cortez similarly shot to fame last year when she won the Democratic Party’s primary election for New York’s 14th congressional district, defeating the 10-term incumbent in the biggest upset victory of the 2018 midterm primaries.She went on to beat Republican opponent Anthony Pappas, and at age 29 became the youngest woman ever to serve in the United States Congress.It’s unclear whether AOC and Berk have previously met. But the two seem equally enamored with one another.“We’ve barely had time to hang anything up,” the freshman congresswoman tweeted. “Three of my staffers are expecting babies, and we’ve got a bach pad/warehouse type situation out here.”According to Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call, when lawmakers move into an office, they are traditionally met with the bare essentials—much of which is recycled from previous tenants.“New members are also entitled to a new paint job, but only a handful of colors are on offer—beige, eggshell, light blue, light gray, or light yellow,” the news site said.AOC’s office in the Cannon Building is likely “suffering a fate similar to those of other newcomers with busy schedules and government-issued furniture: It’s a bit drab,” Roll Call added.At least it’s got one thing going for it: A “rainbow of positive Post-Its” from supporters on the wall.last_img read more

Judge rules that county violated public records act

first_imgA Superior Court judge ruled Friday that Clark County violated the state’s public records act and must pay $15,750 in penalties for mishandling a dispute with former Councilor David Madore over the release of messages from his private cellphone.The ruling from Judge Daniel Stahnke stems from a lawsuit filed last year by Community Planning Director Oliver Orjiako that alleged that the county didn’t adequately respond to his public records request for texts from Madore’s cellphone related to county business. The lawsuit, which was related to harassment and whistleblower complaints Orjiako filed against Madore, cited Nissen v. Pierce County, a 2015 state Supreme Court decision that determined that communications generated on elected officials’ personal devices are public records if they pertain to public business. Much of the case hinged on the question of whether an elected official’s actions regarding the release of the records should be considered separate from the government agency they are in charge of. Bill Richardson, deputy prosecuting attorney, argued in court that the county did “everything it reasonably could” to get the records, as well as an affidavit from Madore affirming he had complied with the request. Richardson cited case law that he said demonstrated that Madore’s actions should be considered separate from the county. Saying that the case broke “new ground,” he noted how the councilor, who lost in a re-election bid last year, frequently stated that he acted on behalf of the public, not the county.last_img read more

Sandals inspires changes in Labour laws Minister presents amendments

first_img Sandals Royal Bahamian Serves Up Thanks to Firefighters Recommended for you Related Items:#Bahamaslabourlegislation, #magneticmedianews, #Sandalsinpireschangeinlabourlaws, #SandalsRoyalBahamian, #ShaneGibson Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, March 21, 2017 – Nassau – Sandals Resort in The Bahamas was one of the employers which seemed to have inspired recent changes proposed in the House of Assembly to labour legislation.   The media reports on the presentation by Labour Minister, Shane Gibson outline that trade unions get a hand up and engagement before redundancies is more explicit, even mandatory.Minister Gibson recapped some events involving major resorts, Sandals Royal Bahamian was referenced as it last year laid off 600 staff with only days notice to the Ministry of Labour.  Minister Gibson said this is not acceptable and the amendments will require more notice for staff and government.   Unions had accused Sandals of union busting.    Sandals claimed it needed to renovate and reportedly rehired many of the same staffers.There was focus on the removal of ceilings on when severance pay entitlement starts in the Employment Amendment Bill 2017.   The second proposal, outlines changes to the Industrial Relations Amendment Bill 2017 which now makes employers get to the bargaining table faster and demands more accountability by unions.The unions will now have to create reports, have to have greater employee representation in their organizations and those reports once handed over to Ministry of Labour, will be tabled in the House of Assembly.#MagneticMediaNews#Sandalsinpireschangeinlabourlaws#ShaneGibson#SandalsRoyalBahamian#Bahamaslabourlegislationlast_img read more

Some boos greet mayor at NYPD graduation

first_imgNEW YORK — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio received some boos and heckles Monday at a police graduation ceremony, the latest chapter in his tension-filled relationship with the nation’s largest police force.The rift between de Blasio and much of the rank and file has grown considerably in recent weeks, and the leaders of the police union have blamed the mayor for fostering an anti-NYPD atmosphere they believe contributed to the ambush slayings of two officers earlier this month.Twice in a week — including at the funeral for one of the officers — some officers turned their backs to de Blasio, adding an air of acrimony to the normally celebratory graduation ceremonies, which were held Monday morning at Madison Square Garden.The 884 new police officers sat stoically in their seats when de Blasio was introduced to speak and many in the audience tepidly cheered. But boos could be heard from some in the crowd in the seats reserved for cadets’ family and friends.About a dozen or so people in the stands stood with their backs turned to de Blasio, emulating the searing pose of disrespect that hundreds of officers struck at Officer Rafael Ramos’ funeral on Saturday. Some appeared to be in uniform but it was unclear if they were members of the New York Police Department.last_img read more

6th Interdistrict Softball Championship begins in Mahbubnagar

first_imgMahbubnagar: Srinivas Goud, Minister for Excise, Prohibition, Tourism, Culture, Sports and Youth welfare declared open the Telangana State 6th Inter district Soft Ball Championship tournament at district stadium in Mahbubnagar on Friday.Speaking on the occasion, the Minister said that after the formation of new State, Mahbubnagar district was becoming a hub for conducting various national and State-level sports competitions. Also Read – JIH organises Eid Milap for sanitary workers Advertise With Us He said he would provide all the necessary infrastructure facilities for improving sporting culture in the district. “I welcome all the participants who have come from different districts from across Telangana. I wish you all the best, and put your best efforts to grab the inter-district softball championship,” greeted the Minister, while welcoming the players. Also Read – GHMC distributes saplings to KV students Advertise With Us Later, the Minister along with District Collector Ronald Rose took part in the inauguration of development works at R&B guest house and at the Ambedkar junction. On the occasion, the District Collector operated the JCB and razed the compound wall to mark the inauguration of road-widening works in the district headquarters. Officials from national highways authority and engineers from R&B and municipal authorities took part in the programme.last_img read more

After Maggi Noodles Ban Nestle Plans ReadytoEat Snacks Options Report

first_imgTo overcome the uncertainty over its banned Maggi noodles, Nestle India is planning to come up with options, apparently to regain its lost share in the ready-to-eat snacks market. The company had estimated the loss arising out of the ban on Maggi noodles at about $45 million, apart from a substantial brand erosion pegged at $200 million (about ₹1,300 crore). “With no clarity over when Maggi in its existing form will be back on shelves, Nestle is working on alternate snacking options,” a source close to the development told The Economic Times.”Snacking is a huge opportunity which Nestle doesn’t want to vacate, and it already has an existing backend for the culinary business,” added the source.On 5 June, India’s food safety regulator Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) had ordered Nestle India to recall all the available stock of instant noodles in the market after it found higher levels of lead and harmful chemical monosodium glutamate (MSG) while testing samples.The company was forced to recall about  27,420 tonnes of Maggi noodles.Nestle India may roll out the alternative snack in “ready-to-eat” or “ready-to-cook food” form, which will require re-launching of Maggi in a “new format”.However, the product, which will replace Maggi noodles, will have to get necessary clearances from the authorities.”We are working hard to resolve the situation and we aim to be back in the market as soon as we can. Adhering to Nestle’s rigorous quality policies and testing protocol, we are confident that we will come back soon, ensuring food safety, as we always do,” a Nestle spokesperson said.The company has suspended its operations at its five plants in India but continuing its research on a “priority basis”.Sales of Maggi noodles account for 20 percent of the company’s overall revenues and analysts see a 50 percent decline in volume growth of Nestle India’s ready-to-eat food products in 2015 due to the ban. “Any health concerns raised by a credible source such as FSSAI will most certainly damage customer loyalty and consideration of a food brand,” said David Haigh, CEO of the London-based brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance.Nestle India has filed a case against the FSSAI ban in the Bombay High Court; the case has been posted for its next hearing on 30 June.last_img read more

Childrens middle school period most challenging for mothers

first_imgIt is during the middle and high school years of children – perhaps more than ever – that mothers play a decisive role in their kids’ everyday lives as well as experience a hectic schedule in their own lives, says the study. “Taking care of infants and toddlers is physically exhausting. But as the kids approach puberty, the challenges of parenting are far more complex, and the stakes of ‘things going wrong’ are far greater,” said Suniya Luthar, a professor from Arizona State University in US. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The children during this stage struggle to negotiate some major challenges like dealing with puberty and all that this implies – hormones, acne and changing bodies.  They also have to cope with transition to a relatively impersonal school environment, where academic grades are much more public, the researchers said.Mothers, who are deeply interested in the well being of their children, also go through trying times when children deal with such issues. Concerns about kids’ risky behaviours escalate sharply at their early adolescence, the findings revealed. Mothers who are essentially the ‘first responders’ to the children’s distress, in trying to figure out how best to offer comfort and reassurance to their children’ often get hurt, as the old ways – hugs, loving words and bedtime stories – no longer work,  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflixthe study said.The rejection from the same child, who was unequivocally adored just a few years earlier, can hurt deeply.In addition, citing other studies, the researchers showed that mothers of early adolescents are likely to experience their own developmental challenges as they begin to recognise declines in physical abilities, cognitive functioning and increased awareness of mortality. The researchers studied more than 2,200 mostly well-educated mothers with children ranging from infants to adults and examined multiple aspects of mothers’ personal well being, parenting and perceptions of their children. When considering disturbances in mothers’ own adjustment, the study showed “an inverted V shape in feelings of stress and depression, with mothers of middle school children (aged 12 to 14 years) consistently faring the most poorly and mothers of infants and adult children doing the best, the findings showed.The study suggests information dissemination to mothers in their earlier years of parenting so that they get to know what is in store for them as well as providing ongoing support for the mothers whose children start middle school.“It is not enough simply to educate the mothers about the teenage years, they must be ‘refueled’ themselves as they shepherd their children through this often tumultuous time,” Luthar said.The paper was published in the journal Developmental Psychology.last_img read more

Toronto Pride asks attendees to wear black for victims of alleged serial

first_imgGAYSTARNEWS- There will be a different air during Toronto’s Pride celebration this year. The event’s pride parade will be held 24 June. However, it will not feature the sea of color normally seen at pride events. Attendees at last year’s pride parade | Photo: Facebook/Pride Toronto A period of ‘huge trauma’Olivia Nuamah, Pride Toronto’s executive director, explained to the Toronto Star that the clothing request signifies ‘that while the festival goes on this is a period of huge trauma for the whole city, particularly the LGBTQ community’.There will also be a moment of silence following a mourning procession for the victims.For a celebration known for its colorful scheme, a vision of black certainly makes a statement. Volunteers are also set to wear black.‘The one thing that feels celebratory [about Pride] is the colour and the one thing that we’re really trying to take away this year is the colour,’ Nuamah said in a statement to CBC.‘Even though we understand that we’re celebrating, we also need to deal with some hard truths about the LGBTQ community and the issues of safety that we still suffer.’Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading…center_img eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) At this year’s parade, organizers are asking attendees to wear black for the victims of alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur. They will also honor the ten people who died in the van attack on 23 April.So far, Toronto police have charged McArhur with the murders of seven men. He reportedly used gay dating apps to set up meeting with the victims, all of whom so far were people of color.This is not the first change for the city’s plans for Pride. They already asked police not to participate this year, following tensions between the force and the community. Pride Toronto asks police not to march in this year’s paradeToronto police force will not be marching in Pride parade this yearMinneapolis Police not allowed to wear uniforms if they march at PrideRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : read more

Watch Child lost in mountains for 2 days rescued by K9 Unit

first_imgA harrowing ordeal has sent shock waves through the community of Emmaus after a two-year-old baby, Nomfondo Mkhwanazi, went missing in the mountains on Wednesday last week.The Ladysmith Gazette spoke to the mother of the child, Sthombe Sishi, and in an exclusive interview, she recalled the ordeal that has left the family in shock.She says that on Wednesday, her child was playing outside a neighbour’s home in the Emmaus area while she was visiting at the home. When she left the house later, she found that her child was missing.Also read: Update: Search for missing child called offThe community searched for the toddler throughout the afternoon and into the night, but the baby was nowhere to be found. Police were contacted on Thursday afternoon, with the Ladysmith K9 Unit (Search & Rescue) responding to the scene.According to Warrant Officer Meyer and Warrant Officer Lalbeharie, they searched the mountainous area around the homes up until about 10pm, with the search being called off due to a combination of bad light and rough terrain.Chief Freddie Halgreen (Okhahlamba Fire & Emergency Services) and Warrant Officer Gouws (Search & Rescue PMB) also responded to the scene to assist the search party, which consisted of police and community members. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite The search continued on Friday morning. The rescue team walked for approximately 3km before suddenly hearing echoes of a child’s cries coming from the mountaintop. They honed in on the cries, with W/O Meyer and residents finding the child at the top of the mountain.W/O Meyer carried the two-year-old down the mountain to her family, who were delighted to have her back safe and sound. There were tears of joy as the baby was handed over to the mother.Despite plummeting temperatures, the brave toddler survived the icy conditions.The child was taken to Emmaus Hospital for treatment after spending two nights alone on the mountain. The little girl was discharged from hospital on Monday.In an emotional interview, the K9 officers said that having been to so many incidents over the years, this one was a huge relief for them, as a child that had been missing for almost three days was found alive and safe.They say that, 99% of the time, incidents like this end in tragedy.Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!last_img read more

Offer On Big Data Hadoop Spark Administrator Master Bundle Expires In A

first_img Share Tweet Submit It is the era of Big Data and the sooner you realize the better. The importance of data scientists is growing every day and it is a smart move to become part of this data generation. You must be thinking about the costs of such a major decision, so we are here to help. Wccftech is offering an amazing discount on the Big Data Hadoop Spark & Administrator Master Bundle.The deal will expire in a few hours so get your hands on it now!Big Data Hadoop Spark & Administrator Master Bundle featuresThe bundle includes 6 amazing courses that are very comprehensive. Each course has something unique to offer and will help you in more ways than one. Here are highlights of what each course has to offer:Big Data Hadoop and Spark DeveloperCertify Your Big Data Skills & Break into the Market as a Hadoop GuruBig Data Hadoop Administrator Certification TrainingGet a Grip on the Big Data Basics & Help Companies Manage Their DataData Science With SAS Certification TrainingBuild Your Data Science Career with 24 Hours of SAS KnowledgeCertified SAS Base Programmer Certification TrainingBuild up Your Big Data Foundation with this SAS IntroductionImpala: An Open-Source SQL Engine For Hadoop Training CoursePerform Advanced Analytics with This In-Demand ToolMongoDB Developer & Administrator Certification TrainingComplete Your Data Science Toolbox with 17 Hours of MongoDB InstructionThe bundle has been designed by Certs-School. They are a leading professional certification company and have made a name for themselves through quality and amazing professional programs. The training they offer is unique and brings together self-earning and online training very harmoniously. The courses are up-to-data and include all the latest industry practices and norms. All the courses have been designed by professionals with years of industry training and experience.Original Price Big Data Hadoop Spark & Administrator Master Bundle: $2295Wccftech Discount Price Big Data Hadoop Spark & Administrator Master Bundle: $79last_img read more

Obama promises human rights talk with Castro

first_imgHAVANA, Cuba – U.S. President Barack Obama,who visits Cuba in a week, promised dissidents he would directly discuss human rights issues with their president, Raúl Castro, in a letter published Sunday.Obama told the Ladies in White, a group of wives and children of political prisoners, that he understood their struggle, in the letter dated March 10 but published online by the dissident organization three days later.“I fully understand the obstacles that ordinary Cubans face in exercising their rights,” Obama wrote in English. “The United States believes that no one in Cuba or anywhere else should face harassment, arrest, or physical assault just because they are exercising a universal right to have their voices heard.”“As I have in the past, I will raise these issues directly with President Castro,” Obama stressed.The White House confirmed to AFP that the letter was authentic. Cuban Americans share their thoughts on @POTUS’s efforts on Cuba ahead of his visit:— White House Archived (@ObamaWhiteHouse) March 12, 2016 Related posts:Obama to make historic visit to Cuba in March Obama, Castro hail ‘new day’ for US-Cuba relations Obama addresses the Cuban nation in historic Havana visit Costa Rica winds down humanitarian mission for Cuban migrants with presidential send-offcenter_img When Obama sets foot in Havana on March 20, the White House imagines a “Berlin Wall moment” — a singular legacy-gilding event like Ronald Reagan’s 1987 address before the Brandenburg Gate.While Reagan sought to end the Cold War division of Europe, Obama hopes to symbolically “tear down” decades of Cold War antagonism across the narrow Florida Straits.Obama will visit the island March 20 to 22 — the first visit by a U.S. president since Calvin Coolidge in 1928, and a symbolically charged capstone to the rapprochement that he and Castro announced in December 2014.Obama’s Republican foes accuse him of betraying the cause of human rights in Cuba by engaging with the Castro regime, the Americas’ only one-party Communist state.In a bid to fend off such criticism, the White House has announced Obama will meet with anti-regime dissidents in Havana, although it has not given any details beyond insisting that the Cuban government will not be allowed to hand-pick them.See: Costa Rica winds down humanitarian mission for Cuban migrants with presidential send-off Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Ola Cabs and Israel collaborate to lure Indian travellers

first_imgIsrael Ministry of Tourism and Indian cab aggregator Ola Cabs signed up to collaborate on a two-week contest that ran from April 16-30 on the Ola app which was valid for its Mumbai and Pune users only. The Ola users who undertook the maximum number of rides during the two weeks period and used the code “ISRAEL” stood a stand a chance to win a free trip to Israel for 3 nights and 4 days. Talking more about the association Hassan Madah, Director – India & Philippines, Israel Ministry of Tourism,  said, “Ola is one of the largest taxi services in India and have a large user base, especially in metro cities. We are always thinking of distinct ways to promote Israel and felt this association with Ola cabs will help us reach Ola’s over 80 lakh users in Mumbai and Pune.” The company promoted the contest by marketing digitally, through push notifications, in-app promotion, mailers (Mumbai and Pune database), Ola website and running the campaign on their social media pages. Israel welcomed close to 10,000 Indian travellers between January and March this year, resulting in a 15% increase in Indian tourists arrivals compared to the same period in 2016. Eying the responsive growth, recently Air India launched a direct connection from Delhi to Tel Aviv.last_img read more

Derrick Hall satisfied with Dbacks buying and se

first_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Top Stories It’s only been two games since starter Andre Ellington has been out with a hernia, and although he won’t be back this season, seeing the team rush for more than 140 yards in two straight games is an encouraging sign. – / 46 In a game that only featured 554 total yards from scrimmage, the Cardinals’ backfield gained 143 of it. In fact, Arizona did better on the ground than it did through the air, as starter Drew Stanton threw for 109 yards and Ryan Lindley came in and added 30.The Rams, meanwhile, managed just 69 yards on 20 carries (an average of 3.5 yards per rush) in the defense-heavy game, in which the only points were via field goals.The Cardinals’ rushing attack was essential to controlling the pace, helping the team earn what few yards each defense was willing to allow. Eight of Arizona’s 13 first downs came on the ground — and one came via penalty. Taylor broke off two long runs in the Cardinals’ 12-6 win: one for 17 yards on the first play from scrimmage, and a 21-yarder early in the fourth quarter. It was the second-year running back’s best performance since gaining 59 total yards and recording a rushing and a receiving touchdown on Oct. 19 in Oakland.Williams had three runs of 10 yards or longer against St. Louis, including a 19-yard jaunt in the third quarter. The Utah State product also caught the first two passes of his NFL career, gaining 11 total yards. They may have been missing their starting running back, and the surprising Kerwynn Williams wasn’t able to replicate his 100-yard performance, but the Arizona Cardinals’ backfield was one of the few offensive bright spots for either team Thursday night in St. Louis.Although Williams wasn’t able to reach the century mark, he averaged five yards per carry for the second-straight game en route to gaining 75 yards on 15 carries. Stepfan Taylor more than got him the rest of the way with 14 rushes for 61 yards. Comments   Share   The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

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his first speech as president in 2012 was markedly different and focussed mainly on poverty. Contact us at editors@time. long seen as a supporter of Rajapaksa. read more