Bid On Vin Diesels Autographed Jacket Worn At Avengers Infinity War World

first_imgHere is your chance to bid to own a rare, autographed, custom-made jacket worn by Vin Diesel on the red carpet at the Avengers: Infinity War world premiere in Hollywood, CA.Vin Diesel’s Autographed, Custom-Made Jacket The jacket is signed by Vin Diesel, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Pratt, Laurence Fishbourne, Tom Hiddleston, Dave Bautista, Pom Klementieff, Chadwick Boseman, Anthony Mackie, and Benedict Wong.Vin Diesel is Groot. The actor channeled his character, sporting this jacket adorned with tiny branches emerging from his chest and shoulders. Diesel was all smiles in the unique look, which he attributed to “the Groot coming out of me.”Avengers: Infinity War is Marvel’s biggest film to date. Passing $1 billion globally in record-breaking time, it is now highest-grossing superhero film ever.Proceeds from the auction will go to the Rohhad Association. ROHHAD Syndrome is an extremely rare life threatening and life limiting disease that presents in children after the age of 1.5 years old. The children it affects are otherwise healthy prior to the onset of symptoms and for sufferers, the diagnosis is considered terminal.last_img read more


first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Login/Register With: Advertisement Advertisement I had a chance to sit down with Brick himself to speak about his come-up, the new single and what’s next for the new-comer.Check out the single and Q&A below. You can find “No Names” on various streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. Advertisement Toronto rapper Brick returns just in time for the summer with his new energetic single, “No Names.”Produced by Rosko and Hudson Alexander, the track gives you an in your face, aggressive production that allows Brick to tap into an inverse perspective of when your friends and acquaintances turn to foes.The 8-bit-leaning beat is armed with a blaring 808s and distorted bassline that compliments Brick’s incredible flow. Q&A: BrickHipHopCanada: Now before we get into the new single, I must ask, for those who might not be familiar with you or your music, where did it all start for you?Brick: Um, I’ve been making music since I was like 4, as far as like drums, just doing a lot of percussion work, when I was young and shit. I thought band would be a good idea first year of high school but realized quickly that shit was garbage, they wanted me to play clarinet. Fuck a clarinet. That was around the same time I decided I didn’t want to play other people’s music. I wanted to play mine. I started writing music about 4 years ago based revolving around some negative shit, just trying to make myself take something positive from it and I kind of just woke up one day and was like, “man I think I really love this shit”.HipHopCanada: I had the chance to listen to your previous single “Get Like”, which had a stand out sound to me, how is “No Names” going to differ from “Get Like”?Brick: I appreciate that. The biggest difference is my confidence I would say. “Get it Like” was the start of a rebrand and the end of a hiatus for me. It was also the ending of a time where I was very uncomfortable with my life situation to keep it a hundred. I think it will become evident to listeners with every listen that I’m very comfortable and confident with who I am now. I’m loud and in your face with shit, sometimes awkward, that’s just who I am but I feel like I’ve figured out how to use it as a tool, rather than something I used to suppress. I’m a goof but I’ve learned to embrace it. I am also very white, and I know the stereotypes that come with it. Having more of my personality come through my work will separate me from that boombap and lack of innovation wave that comes to mind I will never ever wear a zephyr snapback or high-top Osiris’ and that’s a promise to my fans.HipHopCanada: What is your approach to writing songs and what was the thought process while you were recording “No Names”?Brick: It’s always changing honestly. I wish I could say I had a set routine but my shit’s all over the place. There isn’t any rhyme or reason to how I write but I write a lot. Everyday. Anything can inspire you if you’re susceptible to your surroundings, so I normally go through my day jotting bars down then completing the concepts I think are strongest. “No Names” specifically came to fruition because of my dude Rosko. Brick Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

SecretaryGeneral encouraged by ArafatPeres meeting in Gaza

A spokesman for the Secretary-General said in a statement that Mr. Annan was “extremely pleased that the parties have agreed to resume full security cooperation and to exert maximum efforts to sustain the ceasefire.”The Secretary-General was also “encouraged by the reiteration of their full commitment to implement the recommendations of the Mitchell Report and the Tenet understandings,” spokesman Fred Eckhard said, referring to the report of the fact-finding committee chaired by former United States Senator George Mitchell and the ceasefire agreement brokered in June by United States Central Intelligence Chief George Tenet.Mr. Eckhard said that the Secretary-General was “heartened” by the prospect of the two parties taking the concrete steps set forth in the joint communiqué issued after the meeting. “He hopes that this meeting will result in a sustainable dialogue between Israel and the Palestinians and that the current cycle of violence can be brought to an end and the peace process resumed.” read more

First Vote readies teens for their first trip to the ballot box

Canadian youth don’t vote in sufficient numbers to make their voices heard. But third-year Political Science student Hope Tuff-Berg is determined to see that change.Tuff-Berg is the CEO of First Vote, a one-day educational conference that aims to prepare senior high school students for their first trip to the ballot box.On Wednesday, May 8, more than 100 local teens gathered at Brock’s Pond Inlet for the second annual event, which is intended to improve awareness, knowledge and understanding of politics.Hope Tuff-Berg, Brock Political Science student and CEO of First Vote, thanks Regional Councilor Diana Huson for sharing her story of political involvement.The young learners participated in a mock election, listened to a variety of speakers and engaged in a networking session with local politicians and civil society organizations.“We hope it helped high school students get a taste for politics, while also seeing some of the opportunities available to them at Brock,” Tuff-Berg said.First Vote began at the University two years ago when a group of Political Science students “realized there was a gap in our voting system and politics — youth involvement,” she said. They set out to discover why young Canadians historically have the lowest voter turnout of any age category.Contrary to popular myth, the low participation rate is not because youth don’t care. From household debt to social justice, many young people are passionate about issues affecting Canada.“They’re very vocal on social media and active in starting demonstrations and rallies, which is inspiring,” said Tuff-Berg. “Now they need to vote for someone who can represent their views.”She hopes First Vote can help youth make the link between their passion and political engagement.Politicians gear their policies toward the segment of the population that is most likely to vote, she said, and unfortunately, right now, that’s not youth.“Politicians don’t target youth because youth don’t vote. But youth don’t vote because politicians don’t target youth,” said First Vote’s Social Media Manager Rory Bulmer. “At some point we have to get the ball rolling. If we help youth vote, politicians are going to target them.”Associate Professor of Political Science Tim Heinmiller explained to the First Vote crowd the left-right ideological spectrum and how those terms are commonly used to describe Canadian politics.The self-described “pan-partisan” — he purchased memberships in all major political parties in Canada — situated the parties along the spectrum from communism on the extreme left to fascism on the extreme right.“Involvement at the fringes should raise a red flag,” Heinmiller told the crowd, as both left- and right-wing extremists abandon values of democracy and human rights. He urged anyone toying with extreme ideologies to “check yourself before you wreck yourself.”Niagara Regional Councillor Diana Huson (BA ’11, MA ’13, MBA ’17) shared with the group her early experiences with politics, describing her days volunteering for her aunt’s political campaigns as a teen.Huson who also works as Brock’s Manager of Curriculum Management, Policy and Outreach, encouraged attendees to “become informed and engaged in as many ways as possible. This includes potentially putting your name on the ballot in a future election.”“You don’t have to be the leaders of tomorrow when you can be the leaders of today,” she said.Grade 12 DSBN Academy student Justice Landry felt First Vote was an “extremely important” event both he and his classmates benefitted from.“I never knew about politics. We don’t talk about it at home,” he said. “I want to vote but (until today) I knew nothing about it.”The First Vote committee is hopeful Landry is only one of many students who had an eye-opening experience at the conference.“This initiative is an excellent example of the fundamental role that universities play in developing good citizens who want to make a difference in their communities,” said Ingrid Makus, Dean of Social Sciences. “I applaud the students, faculty and staff engaged in this significant project.”The First Vote organization includes Political Science undergraduate and graduate students, as well as volunteers from Brock’s Model UN team.While First Vote currently serves high school students in Niagara, there’s potential to expand into Hamilton and other areas of the province.“We’d like to spread this message and do cool things throughout Ontario,” said Tuff-Berg.For more information or to get involved in First Vote, visit the organization’s website.First Vote event organizers Eve Nyambiya, Rory Bulmer, Noah Nickel, Carlin Saunders, Kailene Jackson (front), Hope Tuff-Berg, John Turner, Nour Hage and Keaton Scarff were pleased with the turnout at the second-annual event held at Brock May 8. read more

Beauty and Beast goes feminist as Emma Watson gives Belle a career

first_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Emma Watson and Dan Stevens star as Beauty and the Beast The 1991 version of the film The Disney film is based on a 1740 French fairytale Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, which told the story of a merchant and his youngest of six children, Belle, who requests a rose as a gift. Upon picking it in a stranger’s garden, the merchant becomes imprisoned by a beast who spares his life only on the condition his daughter will come and live in splendor at the castle. While there are significant changes in the Disney version, both stories see Belle eventually fall in love with the beast, with her tears breaking a spell and turning him back into a handsome prince.The film will be released worldwide in March. The 1991 version of the film Watson is the ballroom of the Beast’s castleCredit:Disney Bill Condon, the film’s director, said the changes had partly been inspired by Watson’s work for feminism in real life, with Belle now becoming concerned with encouraging other girls to read.“In the 1991 film, Belle was a real breakthrough among Disney heroines,” said Bill Condon.“But obviously a lot has happened in 25 years. We wanted to make sure that she remained a feminist figure and someone who looks to the future.”Watson said she “fell in love” with Belle after watching the Disney film as a child, admitting the chance to play her was “amazing”. She has already worked as a UN ambassador for women, launched a feminist book club and used her celebrity platform to speak out for equal rights at every opportunity.Now, Emma Watson has turned her sights on Disney.The British actress, 26, has disclosed she has made her latest character Belle, from the new live-action film of Beauty and the Beast, into an independent woman, insisting she have a job after wondering: “What is she doing with her time?”Watson said the lack of information about Belle’s back-story a left a hole in the plot, with the original 1991 Disney version merely giving away that she likes reading. The actress is to star as Belle in next year’s film, alongside Dan Stevens as the beast and a supporting cast including Emma Thompson, Sir Ian McKellen  and Ewan McGeegor.In the 1991 version, Belle’s father Maurice is seen as a madcap inventor, hounded by intolerant villagers and eventually imprisoned by the beast.The new version will see his daughter take a job as an inventor too, in a bid to balance the sexes.“In the animated movie, it’s her father who is the inventor, and we actually co-opted that for Belle,” Watson told US magazine Entertainment Weekly. Watson is the ballroom of the Beast's castle The mantel clock Cogsworth, the teapot Mrs. Potts, Lumiere the candelabra and the feather duster Plumettecenter_img Watson said she wanted to create more of a backstory for Belle “She was this feisty young woman who spoke her mind and had all these ambitions, and was incredibly independent , wanted to see the world and was so smart,” said Watson.“She had this relationship with Beast where they were just toe-to-toe.“That to me just seemed like such a dynamic and interesting relationship that I’d never seen before in a fairy tale.”A trailer for the film, released this week, has broken the record for the most-watched in its first 24 hours, with its 127.6million views beating Fifty Shades of Grey. The mantel clock Cogsworth, the teapot Mrs. Potts, Lumiere the candelabra and the feather duster PlumetteCredit:Disney “I was like, ‘Well, there was never very much information or detail at the beginning of the story as to why Belle didn’t fit in, other than she liked books.“Also what is she doing with her time?’“So, we created a backstory for her, which was that she had invented a kind of washing machine, so that, instead of doing laundry, she could sit and use that time to read instead.“So, yeah, we made Belle an inventor.” It will follow the storyline of the 1991 classic, following Belle as she attempts to rescue her forbidden father locked in the tower by the beast.Stevens, who is best-known for his role as Matthew in Downton Abbey, joins the cast as the animated beast, cursed to live in a fearsome body until he finds true love.McGregor and McKellen star as Lumiere and Cogsworth, an animated candlestick and clock who provide the comedy during dark scenes in the castle. Emma Watson speaks at the United Nations HeForShe event in September Emma Watson and Dan Stevens star as Beauty and the BeastCredit:Disney Watson said she wanted to create more of a backstory for BelleCredit:Disney Emma Watson speaks at the United Nations HeForShe event in SeptemberCredit:Rexlast_img read more

Vitol boss pledges to boost Britains proton beam offering after cancer treatment

The parents of Ashya King (centre) were jailed after taking their five-year-old son abroad in an attempt to secure proton beam treatment for him Mr Taylor said he was hopeful of a major breakthrough to defeat cancer treatment in the next 15 years In an interview with the Financial Times, he said: “I had to go to Switzerland for proton beam therapy.”“It’s not available in this country. Anyway, there’s now going to be some in this country. Hopefully I’m going just to dedicate a bit of money to making sure.”The philanthropist said he was feeling better since treatment and was “not ready to kick the bucket yet.”  And he said he was hopeful of major breakthroughs in cancer treatment in coming years.“I think we’ll probably beat cancer in the next 10 or 15 years,” he said. The parents of Ashya King (centre) were jailed after taking their five-year-old son abroad in an attempt to secure proton beam treatment for himCredit:JORGE GUERRERO/AFP Mr Taylor said he was hopeful of a major breakthrough to defeat cancer treatment in the next 15 yearsCredit:Jason Alden/ Bloomberg Mr Taylor, who stepped down as chief executive of oil trader Vitol in March, but remains its chairman, said his own experiences had spurred him to invest in ensuring access to proton beam therapy in the UK. One of Britain’s wealthiest businessmen has pledged to boost Britain’s proton beam offering after he was forced to travel to Switzerland for cancer treatment.Ian Taylor, the head of the world’s largest energy trader, and chairman of the board of trustees at the Royal Opera House, said he had hoped to invest in services in this country after his own experiences with throat cancer.The businessman, 62, is recovering from proton beam therapy to treat throat cancer, after two bouts of “massive” surgery.He said he was forced to travel to Switzerland, because there is nowhere in this country offering the pioneering therapy, which can offer more targeted treatment  without damaging surrounding tissues.Currently the NHS funds patients to go abroad for proton therapy, if doctors decide that it is required. Later this year the Christie Hospital in Manchester is due to open the first centre offering such treatment, with a centre in London due to open in 2020.In 2014, the parents of Ashya King were jailed after taking their five-year-old son abroad in an attempt to secure proton beam treatment for him.They successfully obtained treatment at a hospital in Prague – after the NHS said that it would offer him no benefit over standard treatment. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Prince Charles former hunt at risk of financial ruin after merger plans

Without a regular income hunts are unable to afford staff to look after the hounds, kennels or lay the artificial scent needed for legal trail hunting. Many of these City professionals also prefer to shoot pheasant or partridge on Saturdays because it is less expensive than paying for a horse and stables. One of the oldest hunts in the country is struggling to survive after plans to merge with another group collapsed. The Masters… The Quorn hunt in Leicestershire, which the Prince of Wales used to hunt with, is under threat not from saboteurs but new development concreting over traditional hunting fields and a new generation of huntsmen and women who cannot hunt in the week because they work.

Jolicloud Jolibook netbook shipping this month

first_imgLate last month Jolicloud CEO Tariq Krim posted some photos through his Twitter account of what looked to be a new netbook. At the time all we knew was this device was going to be a netbook running the cloud-based Jolicloud 1.1 operating system.Now the details are becoming clearer and the netbook has a name: Jolibook. Even better is the fact it is being released before the end of this month.AdChoices广告Unfortunately we don’t have a confirmed release date or price yet. What TechCrunch has found out is Jolibook will use a dual core Atom N550 processor, has a 250GB hard drive, VGA port, and a few USB ports. Memory and screen size are something else we’d like to know details of too, but a 10.1″ display is expected.As for price, it’s listed on the teaser below as “affordable”.Read more at TechCrunchMatthew’s OpinionJolicloud has made the right decision launching this netbook now. Chrome OS hasn’t launched yet, but lots of people are talking about whether a cloud-based OS will deliver. Jolicloud has an open market for people to decide whether it can or not over the Christmas period.I really hope they’ve gone bigger than a 10″ screen and we get an 11″ at least. I also hope the price is surprisingly low so it is an impulse purchase. I want a $199 or less price tag to be announced and then the market for this netbook expands to the masses and not just the smaller group of interested consumers.It looks as though Jolicloud is shipping standard netbook hardware in the Jolibook. That means if you really don’t like Jolicloud as an operating system it should be an easy task to get Linux running instead. You don’t lose out as you still managed to acquire a very cheap netbook, or at least we hope it’s very cheap.last_img read more

Three worldrenowned mountaineers die during avalanche in ascent of Canadian peak

first_imgThree world-renowned mountaineers die during avalanche in ascent of Canadian peak They were attempting to climb the east face of Howse Pass, an isolated and highly difficult route. Short URL We would also like to acknowledge the impact that this has had on the tight-knit, local and international climbing communities. Our thoughts are with families, friends and all those who have been affected by this tragic incident.Roskelley was the son of John Roskelley, who was also considered one of the best mountaineers of his own generation.Father and son had climbed Mount Everest together in 2003. At the time, the younger Roskelley was only 20 years old, and became the youngest mountaineer to climb the planet’s highest mountain above sea level.© – AFP 2019 Apr 22nd 2019, 9:48 AM 3 Comments Image: Shutterstock Image: Shutterstock Share Tweet Email2 center_img THE BODIES OF three world-renowned professional mountaineers, two Austrians and an American, have been found after they went missing during an avalanche on a western Canadian summit, the national parks agency said.American Jess Roskelley, 36, and Hansjorg Auer, 35, and David Lama, 28, of Austria went missing late on Tuesday at Banff National Park. Authorities launched an aerial search the next day.The three men were attempting to climb the east face of Howse Pass, an isolated and highly difficult route.They were part of a team of experienced athletes sponsored by American outdoor equipment firm The North Face.“Parks Canada extends our sincere condolences to their families, friends and loved ones,” the agency said in a statement. Monday 22 Apr 2019, 9:47 AM By AFP 22,924 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Avec la résolution de liPad 3 les applications prennent plus de place

first_imgAvec la résolution de l’iPad 3, les applications prennent plus de place !La haute résolution de l’iPad 3 aura un coût : quatre fois plus de pixels signifie des visuels contenant quatre fois plus d’informations… et donc bien plus longs à télécharger depuis l’App Store. Les applications iPad 2 seront, sur un iPad 3, comme des applications iPhones sur un iPad : minuscules. Les nouvelles applications devront proposer des images plus grandes et donc plus volumineuses, dont le temps de téléchargement sera multiplié, dans le pire des cas, par 4. Le site The Verge donne l’exemple d’une petite application Twitter nommée Tweetbot, dont la dernière mise à jour a propulsé le poids de 9,8 à 25 Mo. L’application Pages, traitement de texte efficace, bondit quant à elle de 95,1 mégaoctets à 269 ! Keynote passe de 115 à 327, Numbers de 109 à 283 Mo.La palme revient à iMovie (lien non disponible), qui a multiplié sa taille par 6, de 70 à 404 Mo !À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?En addition des temps de téléchargement allongés, cela pose le problème de l’espace de stockage. Car les versions de l’iPad 3 sont les mêmes : 16 Go, 32 et 64. La première pourrait devenir très étroite pour les utilisateurs qui veulent quelques dizaines d’applications ! Les jeux risquent d’être encore plus lourds que les applications.L’appareil photo est la cerise sur le gâteau : sa résolution de 5 MP en rajoute une couche et contribuera à la saturation rapide des machinesLes mauvaises langues diront que la non-intégration d’une mémoire bien dimensionnée n’est pas une erreur de la part d’Apple, mais une préparation du terrain pour la version 4.  L’iPad 3 sera en vente ce 16 mars à 8h00. Le 16 mars 2012 à 11:15 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

What happened after the 223 WWE RAW in Nashville

first_img Google+ Facebook AEW announces location and venue for week seven of their televison series on TNT WrestleMania Could Be Biggest Ever Shawn Michaels Pinterest Vin Diesel and John Cena share ‘intense’ scene Rock ’N’ Roll Express challenging for ROH World Tag Team Titles at Honor For All Seth Rollins Videos Articles Ronda Rousey Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next WWE Still Moving Forward With Crown Jewel Event In Saudi Arabiacenter_img WhatsApp Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Twitter Now Playing Up Next The following took place after last night’s 2/23 WWE RAW in Nashville.* John Cena, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose def. Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt. The Big Show & Kane.Source: PWInsider.comRecommended videosPowered by AnyClipWWE Lists The Shields Top 10 WinsVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:30/Current Time 0:03Loaded: 100.00%0:04Remaining Time -0:27 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list WWE Lists The Shields Top 10 Wins Could The Rock Vs. Roman Reigns Actually Happen? Videos Articles Jason Namako RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Videos Articles WWE Smackville Results – 7/27/19 (Kofi Kingston faces Dolph Ziggler and Samoa Joe)last_img read more

Food Drink Kafiex celebrates global coffee village

first_img Seidy and Matthew Selivanow, owners of Kafiex Roasters, opened the Coffee Lab so they can share their love and appreciation for coffee.“Matt and I have said all the time that coffee is like wine or beer, but there’s not that much information about what happens before with coffee,” Seidy said. “Some people have never seen a coffee plant in their life.”That desire for education is what drove the decision, and the name.“We needed more space if we wanted to educate people about coffee and share more of what we love to do. That’s why we call it a Coffee Lab,” she said.The Selivanows plan on having roasting tours, cuppings and classes. They also have a small library of coffee books people can read while chilling in the bright space on Esther and Eighth streets in downtown Vancouver. Patrons will soon be able to watch Matthew roast coffee in his new, baby blue Diedrich roaster through small windows to the side of the Coffee Lab.A vibrant mural by Dallas artist Nikki Cade fills the wall behind the coffee counter. The swath of land known as the coffee belt is highlighted in red and pink. This whimsical representative of the global coffee village seems like a tool that an imaginative elementary school teacher would use to explain where coffee is grown.The company’s name is a nod to a coffee growing region in Africa. Seidy explained, “We wanted something related to coffee. Kafi is the way to say coffee for a small tribe in Africa. We added the ex to make it sound futuristic.” Rachel Pinsky can be emailed at Follow her on Instagram @couveeats and @rachelapinsky and on Facebook @coueeats.last_img read more

Ronaldo left out of Portugal squad again

first_imgCristiano Ronaldo has been omitted from Portugal once again for the upcoming fixtures with Italy and PolandPortugal manager Fernando Santos had previously left out Ronaldo for the last two international breaks in September and October to allow him to settle in at Juventus.However, Santos refused to discuss why Ronaldo will not be among them this time and instead wished him luck in winning a record sixth Ballon d’Or.“The only thing I will say about Ronaldo is that I hope he wins the Ballon d’Or award,” said Santos on Twitter.“It’s not just about Ronaldo, I have said that nobody is excluded,” said Santos. “It’s not worth creating a big fuss about it.”Franck Ribery, FiorentinaFiorentina owner: “Ribery played better than Ronaldo!” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Fiorentina owner Rocco Commisso was left gushing over Franck Ribery’s performance against Juventus, which he rates above that of even Cristiano Ronaldo’s.The European champions will face Italy next Saturday in the UEFA Nations League before hosting Poland three days later.Portugal squad for Italy and Poland: Goalkeepers: Rui Patricio, Beto, Claudio RamosDefenders: Cedric Soares, Joao Cancelo, Jose Fonte, Luis Neto, Pepe, Ruben Dias, Mario Rui, Raphael GuerreiroMidfielders: André Gomes, Bruno Fernandes, Danilo Pereira, Joao Mario, Pizzi, Renato Sanches, Ruben Neves, William CarvalhoForwards: Bernardo Silva, Bruma, Gonçalo Guedes, Rafa, André Silva, Ederlast_img read more

Icardi thinks the old Argentina lacked companionship

first_imgInternazionale striker Mauro Icardi, took a dig at many elements from the last Argentina National Team after the match against Mexico.Back when the old guard of Argentina players was more important for the National Team, striker Mauro Icardi always felt like there wasn’t a camaraderie towards him for some reason and he always felt like an outsider.Now that he returned to the squad without all those veteran players to worry about, Mauro even got to score his very first goal for Argentina and feels more like a leader when he never felt that way in the past.After the second match against Mexico in which he was one of the two goal-scorers, Mauro spoke to the press about a controversial matter and he didn’t hold back when the media members asked him about his previous experience in the National Team.It’s evident that back in the day due to some personal problems he had with striker Maxi Lopez, many Argentina players never got to trust him because of this incident and some of the leaders inside the dressing room cast him out o the squad.But the new group of players that shared time with Mauro, are a younger generation who only know about his impressive spell in European football and they all respect him.”ANTES EN LA SELECCIÓN NO HABÍA ESTE COMPAÑERISMO”#CentralFOX | Mauro Icardi, picante luego del 2-0 de Argentina ante México.— FOX Sports Argentina (@FOXSportsArg) November 21, 2018After the match, Icardi sent a clear aggressive message to the former Argentina players who rejected him back in the day.“Beyond the goal I scored today, I have to say that I am very happy. Happy for these six matches, for all the players,” said Mauro via Diario Ole.“We gave our absolute best in order to grow and put something beautiful together. I am also very happy because we could finish this year with a victory.”“We are all very happy with Leo (Scaloni), Walter (Samuel), Pablo (Aimar), and the rest of the technical staff. After this, the final decision will come from up top.”“A goal was something I was missing. Fortunately, it finally happened. It makes me very happy as well, I feel very excited because I was waiting for this moment to come.”“I feel very happy with the work that this team has been doing and everything we put together. Not being able to score is terrible for a striker, I had been waiting for this because the people talked a lot of smack about it and I hope I can keep going like this.”FC Barcelona, Valencia CFMatch Preview: Barcelona vs Valencia Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Is derby time in La Liga, as Barcelona welcomes Valencia to the Camp Nou Stadium tonight at 21:00 (CET).“I honestly feel very important here, with my club as well. If I can wear the number ‘9’ in the National Team is because of what I do with my club, this is exactly what I wanted,” he added.#SelecciónMayor ¡Final del primer tiempo! @Argentina vence 1-0 a @miseleccionmx. El gol albiceleste lo firmó Mauro Icardi.— Selección Argentina 🇦🇷 (@Argentina) November 21, 2018“Of course we are all expecting Messi to come back, he is the best player in the world. Any team wants to have the best on their side,” he continued.“We hope that he can be with us next year and we expect him to help us during the Copa America. We all felt really comfortable, we have a very nice thing going here.”“I actually lived the previous process and there wasn’t as much companionship or friendship as today. When I came for the first time, the feeling was very different.”“You can feel it here, we are all very young and everybody wants the best for the group. Before, this feeling wasn’t here with all the more experienced players.”“Today everybody is coming from the bottom and they all want things to go well with the technical staff and the teammates. Having that feeling is always a plus. Representing your country is the most beautiful feeling ever.”“We are all young players who are looking to build something for the National Team, that is exactly what we are all looking for. In the past, there were a lot of experienced players who needed to give everything to win and prove themselves.”“Today that feeling is changed, it’s gone. It’s a pity that they weren’t able to win a final, but today we all start from scratch and we made a drastic turn. The pressure is less significant,” he concluded.#SelecciónMayor ¡Ganó @Argentina! Con goles de Mauro Icardi y Paulo Dybala, la Albiceleste superó 2-0 a @miseleccionmx.— Selección Argentina 🇦🇷 (@Argentina) November 21, 2018What do you think the veteran Argentina players will think about Mauro Icardi’s explosive statements? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

San Diego Restaurant Week preview

first_img KUSI Newsroom January 21, 2019 KUSI Newsroom, Categories: Entertainment, Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Updated: 12:36 PMcenter_img San Diego Restaurant Week preview Posted: January 21, 2019 SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The 15th Annual San Diego Restaurant Week returns Sunday, January 20th through Sunday, January 27th.The 8 days event will have more than 180 participating restaurants all throughout San Diego County will be offering prix-fixe menu options.Dinner will be served as a three-course, prix-fixe menu for just $20, $30, $40 or $50 per person.Lunch will be served as a two-course prix-fixe menu for only $10, $15 or $20 per person.Tickets are not required, but reservations are recommended.To view participating restaurants, browse menus, and make reservations visit last_img read more

One sent to hospital after Tbone crash

first_imgOne person was sent to the hospital Friday morning after a T-bone crash near state Highway 500 and East 39th Street.The crash was reported just before 7 a.m. at 39th Street and P Street, according to emergency dispatch logs.The crash involved a Volkswagen Jetta and an older Ford Thunderbird, said Capt. Dave James with the Vancouver Fire Department.The driver of one vehicle was taken to jail with an outstanding felony warrant, said Cmdr. Dave King, a Vancouver police spokesman.One person from the other car was taken to PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center.Additional information was not available.last_img

Walk Knock keeps volunteers busy

first_imgWant to help?• If you missed the Walk & Knock food collection Saturday morning, don’t despair. Numerous local businesses and nonprofit agencies are serving as drop-off sites through Tuesday. You can find a list of donation sites on the Walk & Knock website,• Financial donations can also be mailed to the Clark County Food Bank, 6502 N.E. 47th Ave., Vancouver, WA 98661 or can be made online at All donations will be used to purchase food.An estimated 1 of every 4 children in Clark County goes to bed hungry. Thousands of volunteers who scoured neighborhoods on a rainy Saturday morning hope to change that statistic — at least for a few months.For the 28th year, volunteers fanned out across the county to collect bags of food and cash donations for the community’s largest one-day food drive, Walk & Knock. Volunteers walked house to house to collect the goods. After filling their cars with donations, they delivered the food to one of numerous sorting centers. There, volunteers unloaded vehicles while more volunteers emptied bags and boxed up the items. The boxes were then loaded into trucks and later delivered to the Clark County Food Bank.last_img read more

Usability The Secret to a Profitable Redesign

first_imgIs your website converting visits to revenue efficiently enough? Getting people to fill out a registration form or click through on an offer is difficult, but getting it right is critical in the battle for revenue and market share. The most effective thing you can do is to learn directly from your users how to lay out your site and what to offer. The benefits of this approach are well-documented, but the example that resonates with most of us is the ACA or “Obamacare” website. This site was built the way many publisher sites are, without doing any usability testing up front. We all know how that turned out.Let’s review the typical approaches taken by publishers:Focus Group of OneUse internal staff as “stand-ins” for your users. Editors know their readers, so this should work, right? It’s popular because it’s really easy. The dismal results of this approach are everywhere. Research Best PracticesStudy the latest best practices in user interface design, lean UX, persuasion architectures, and the many sources of insight about how to remove friction from your conversion funnels. This is worthwhile, and applying these lessons to your site will likely generate measureable improvement. However, there are problems. Which expert do you believe? How do the cumulative results of user behavior on many other sites compare to your users, your industry and your content? Best practices give you insights like “send your newsletter on Tuesday morning” or “make action buttons bigger.” They can’t be specific to your users because they represent aggregated, normalized data, not detailed feedback. Researching and applying best practices is a lot better than the focus group of one, but it’s still a scattershot approach.A/B or Multivariate TestingTools like Adobe Target, Google Experiments or Optimizely can allow you to test copy, layout and graphical elements to see which combinations yield the best conversion rate. What this kind of testing can’t reveal is why users like Page A more than Page B. You might get lucky, but this kind of testing is best used to optimize products that have already been designed with direct input from your users. Usability TestingUsability testing involves the user going though a number of tasks while giving constant feedback to the researcher. Everything the user does is captured in a screen recording, and in a video that captures the user’s reactions at every stage. In this way researchers understand in detail how well users are able to use the website or app, what confuses or annoys them, and what they’d really like to see but don’t. Then you go build according to what you learned, and before launch, you test it again to make sure you got it right.Think about the last major brand site that left you frustrated. For me it was trying to add minutes to my kids’ AT&T prepaid phones. An hour of bouncing between website and phone representatives finally finished what should have taken a minute of navigating and clicking. I can guarantee you that AT&T skipped usability testing, with a very frustrating result for millions of customers like me. Do you think a poorly-designed subscribe process is any less frustrating for your users?Usability testing isn’t cheap (figure $20,000 to start) because it involves a lot of time, resources and logistics. That price tag is dwarfed by the amounts publishers regularly spend on designs that confuse and confound users. Publishers who apply usability as part of their regular process would prefer that you continue to view it as something that can be safely ignored. If you want to make more than incremental improvements in your next site redesign, budgeting for usability testing is a smart move.last_img read more

MSCI Reclassifies Stock Indexes adds Twitter to World Index

first_imgEquity index provider MSCI reclassified equities across a broad spectrum of markets on Wednesday as part of its semi-annual review, adding among others U.S. social networking company Twitter Inc TWTR.N to its world index.It reclassified Qatar and United Arab Emirates to emerging market from frontier-market status as expected. Qatar will have a 0.47 percent weighting in the MSCI Emerging Market index .MSCIEF, while UAE will have 0.58 percent.About $8 trillion is benchmarked to MSCI indexes. The emerging markets index .MSCIEF is up 2.9 percent so far this year, while the all world index has risen 2.1 percent.Twitter is one of the biggest additions to the MSCI All World index .MIWD00000PUS, which will add 58 companies and eliminate 45 at the end of May.MSCI added 10 Qatar companies and nine UAE companies to the all world index and to the emerging markets index.Qatar National Bank SAQ QNBK.QA, Industries Qatar QSC IQCD.QA and National Bank of Abu Dhabi PJSC NBAD.AD will be the biggest additions to the emerging market index.The MSCI China A index will get Shanghai Raas Blood Products Co Ltd 002252.SZ, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Development Co Ltd 600648.SS and Dongxu Optoelectronic Technology Co Ltd 000413.SZ.In all, 13 securities will be added to the MSCI China A Index, while 33 will be deleted.Thirteen securities will be added to the MSCI Frontier Markets Index and 30 will be deleted. Two of the largest additions will be from Pakistan – Pakistan Tobacco Company Ltd PAKT.KA and K-Electric Ltd KELE.KA.All changes will be implemented as of the close on May 30.last_img read more

NATO convoy comes under car bomb attack in Afghanistan

first_imgA suicide car bomb attack targeting NATO forces in neighbouring Kandahar province killed at least one woman and wounded four other Afghan civilians, General Abdul Razeq, the provincial police chief, told AFP. AFPA car bomber attacked a NATO convoy in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar on Sunday, killing one civilian and wounding four others but without causing casualties among international forces, officials said.Qudratullah Khushbakht, a spokesman for the Kandahar governor, said the attack happened on the airport road, killing a woman and wounding four other people.However a spokesman for the NATO-led Resolute Support mission said there had been no injuries among troops in the convoy.“We can confirm a suicide bomber attempted an attack on a patrol in Kandahar, Afghanistan, earlier today. However, there were no fatalities or injuries sustained by coalition forces,” the spokesman said in an emailed statement.last_img read more